Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Recovery tool box

I am building one out of a shoe box..I am collaging all over it but need some ideas as to what to put in it. Distractions...positive affrimations..what?? any ideas??

love, Z


Sarah said...

one of those signs that store owners put on their door that say "back in 15 minutes" to remind yourself that when you have the urge to use a behavior -- WAIT at least 15 minutes, you will be surprised how often you will find you don't need to use it after all.


Jena said...

-Happy pictures of you and friends at a healthy weight, even if it means at a totally different age.

-An extra pair of earphones so it reminds you to plug in your ipod and go for a walk

-A poem or song lyrics (on paper) that resonate with you- like maybe "Courage" by Superchick (beautiful song) or if you have a favourite.

-Add them to your ipod too.

-A list of your best friend's names (you would be surprised what you forget in the last minute) so you can think of who you can lean on in that minute.

-Have 2-3 people write something on a piece of paper that you can stick in there and when it comes time to open the box, open one of the encouraging notes.

-Make a list of your strengths, and how you can use them in the tough times.

-If you drink tea, put in a teabag- your favourite kind, so you'll remind yourself to drink some tea for comfort.

-Put in a candle or two. Even just lighting them seems to change an atmosphere despite the day or evening time.

-Buy yourself a Starbucks Card, and treat yourself with a supportive friend. OR Buy yourself a gift card for your favourite store, and use it to distract in a crucial moment- only if the reward is really worth it. Maybe keep 2 cards, depending on how often you want to turn around your box.

I hope at least one of these ideas were helpful... I did the best I could with this little weird brain of mine! Oh! And please email me-

Love, Jena xoxo

PS- I love collages! I think it's so awesome that you collaged your box! It truly makes it yours. :)

firefly said...

Hey Girl: Keep something in the box for all your senses. Journal, candles, pictures of important people, stress ball, tea, phone numbers of friends, etc. I think you can go back to sf and they have a list of items for your recovery box. I'm still trying to make wands. I can't wait to hear what you decided to put in the box.

Anonymous said...

Fun and powerful idea! I love all the ideas so far! How about a picture of yourself as a child?

Hope you are having a good day. Creativity gives us so much energy and hope. Have fun with your creation.

Just Eat It! said...

I made a little bag in treatment once as a distraction/recovery bag. Here's some things I put in mine:

-cross stitching kit (small one)
-string, beads, and other jewelry things
-tea bags
-smelling salts
-poems, affirmations, fortune cookie fortunes
-tiny picture book that they sell by the checkout at Barnes and Noble (they have all these cute little ones)
-Letters from people that I love
-Stickers/card making materials
-A list of at least 10 things to be happy about


Zena said...

you guys all have such great ideas..I will use almost all of them ...the box isnt big enough for all of them..but geez you guys have some great ideas!!

thanyou so much

today I bought nail stuff and some nice smelling lotions to put in my box...candles are next and a tea bag...and affrimations and the note idea..oh I am so excited thanks again everyone!!!

love, Z

jena, I ll email you soon

PTC said...

Chapstick!! :)