Monday, November 30, 2009

Im alive and actually HAPPY!!!!

okay I know I should have been a better friend to all of you and tried to let you know what was going on but due to circumstances I just couldnt...but now I have computer access and I am back....SOOOOOO much has been going on....soso much. I didnt mean to worry all of you but I had to go into seclusion. do some major thinking and overhaul my life.... I have left MIKE...for good...we are getting divorced, something needed to happen for a long time but i just didnt have the was either stay with Mike and keep my ed or leave and become free...believe me I still struggle but I am doing so much better!!!!!

I have so much to tell you guys but Isaiah needs me right now....

I will be back tonight


and I am so sorry from the depths of my heart that I scared you all...I promise NEVER to do it again...I swears!!!

LOVE, Tara