Monday, November 30, 2009

Im alive and actually HAPPY!!!!

okay I know I should have been a better friend to all of you and tried to let you know what was going on but due to circumstances I just couldnt...but now I have computer access and I am back....SOOOOOO much has been going on....soso much. I didnt mean to worry all of you but I had to go into seclusion. do some major thinking and overhaul my life.... I have left MIKE...for good...we are getting divorced, something needed to happen for a long time but i just didnt have the was either stay with Mike and keep my ed or leave and become free...believe me I still struggle but I am doing so much better!!!!!

I have so much to tell you guys but Isaiah needs me right now....

I will be back tonight


and I am so sorry from the depths of my heart that I scared you all...I promise NEVER to do it again...I swears!!!

LOVE, Tara

6 comments: said...

Holy Shit, Tara! YOU ARE ALIVE! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR POSTING! That said, if you were doing better in seclusion, then keep it up - no pressure to blog all the time - do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy and well. I am SO GLAD to hear from you and am SO GLAD you've made some major changes, are feeling optimistic, and are doing well.

Blu said...

so so so happy!!! Just so happy :)

lisalisa said...

Hey lady I missed you! I am so glad to hear you are ok!
I'm glad you were strong enough to leave Mike. It is hard to be healthy in a toxic relationship.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you again!

Zena said...

okay guys...I love you all and have to leave in a minute to figure out bus garage stuff....just wanted to clarify I was in seclusion cause everything I would blog about or email or any thing done over the computer he was reading and I just didntfeel safe to talk about my feelings especially since most of what I wanted to talkabout was well about him!!! okay now I will really be back tonight!!!!

love you all

Telstaar said...

Nice to see you back lovely :) I look forward to reading and hearing allll about your big news soon!

*love and hugs*

firefly said...

Yeah! I'm glad your back! ttl Oh if you require password then it will be private.