Tuesday, February 23, 2010

yeah they actually wanted me!

okay i know i have been mia for a while but i havent felt well (potassium is a pain in the balls and mine wont go to where it needs to be even after taking 3 huge ass horse pills a day for like 8 days but whateves!


Today (I found out last friday but felt to shit-tas-tic to write) i am speaking in front of the NY state legislator on LOBBY DAY, to addvocate for the comprehensive care center for eating disorders of northest NY. My ED doctor (who happens to run the center) thought me (ummm not exactly the poster child for recovery) would do a wonderful job describing my experiences with the clinic,how amazing everyone who works there is, and how vitally important it is for the dumbass Governor NOT to cut the funding for this amazing project!!!


The center is the only one in Northeast NY for like a 300 mile radius they provide medical, physcological, and nutritional counseling all in one serene, peaceful and careing setting, they have state of the art medical equipment, wonderful caring staff and above all else they not only save lives they help women reclaim thier spirits, and dreams...they teach us how to live again....i will speaking along side my dr. DR Sharon Alger Mayer if you want to google her...she ROCKS THE BOAT!!!!

okay so down side.... Im FREAKING OUT!!! cause not only to I have an Eating Disorder I have a pretty bad panic and anxiety disorder...so i dont like big crowds and i definately dont like to open my mouth in front of them!

okay so thats it for right now i need to go deep breath or something....and please if you pray....PRAY FOR ME AT 3:40 pm cause i will be at the NY State capitol pleading my case.......breath....tara ....breath...

love and peace to you all!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The crack vs The cheesecake

its amazing what a little fruit can do!!!

This is the cheesecake that caused me bad dreams last night...now I thinks I'll be okay!!