Tuesday, February 23, 2010

yeah they actually wanted me!

okay i know i have been mia for a while but i havent felt well (potassium is a pain in the balls and mine wont go to where it needs to be even after taking 3 huge ass horse pills a day for like 8 days but whateves!


Today (I found out last friday but felt to shit-tas-tic to write) i am speaking in front of the NY state legislator on LOBBY DAY, to addvocate for the comprehensive care center for eating disorders of northest NY. My ED doctor (who happens to run the center) thought me (ummm not exactly the poster child for recovery) would do a wonderful job describing my experiences with the clinic,how amazing everyone who works there is, and how vitally important it is for the dumbass Governor NOT to cut the funding for this amazing project!!!


The center is the only one in Northeast NY for like a 300 mile radius they provide medical, physcological, and nutritional counseling all in one serene, peaceful and careing setting, they have state of the art medical equipment, wonderful caring staff and above all else they not only save lives they help women reclaim thier spirits, and dreams...they teach us how to live again....i will speaking along side my dr. DR Sharon Alger Mayer if you want to google her...she ROCKS THE BOAT!!!!

okay so down side.... Im FREAKING OUT!!! cause not only to I have an Eating Disorder I have a pretty bad panic and anxiety disorder...so i dont like big crowds and i definately dont like to open my mouth in front of them!

okay so thats it for right now i need to go deep breath or something....and please if you pray....PRAY FOR ME AT 3:40 pm cause i will be at the NY State capitol pleading my case.......breath....tara ....breath...

love and peace to you all!


Zena said...

okay so im going to update my own blog, although i have to admitt that it really saddens me that no one comments or even seems to read my blog anymore...i unprivatized myself in hopes it would bring back my friends but to no avail...i mean i dont want to seem like a baby or whiny or anything but yesterday was a really big day for me and to not even recieve one comment has really just bummed me out....anyway sorry i just i had to say that cause my feeling were kinda hurt, maybe they shouldnt been but they were...but i digress....yesterday as my DR. put it i ROCKED IT!!! the legislator didnt really care what any of the professionals on the panel had to say they just wanted to hear from me...so i talked for like 15 minutes straight telling (part) of my story and the impact the center has had on mine and my childrens lives....they asked me some questions...(some really personal) but i put on my big girl pants and answered them without batting an eye....the only time i got teary was when i mentioned my children, and how almost dying 2 years ago would have left them without a mother and pretty much would have destroyed thier lives. And when they (the legislators) started in with thier (its a really tough fiscal year crap)... I piped right in and said we are asking for 1.7 million dollars thats a drop in the bucket to a state goverment , how can you put a price tag on the value of human lives, the state spends more then that replacing light bulbs in the capitol buildings (thats a fact i didnt make it up)...so now all that is left is to wait and see...hopefully the "wonderful" governmental officials will vote with their hearts and not the bulges in their pants...dont be dirty guys i was talking about their wallets! :)

love to all of you, even if you dont read me anymore :(

firefly said...

T, I tried to leave a message and it didn't work so I texted instead. I think what happens is people may not check as much because you didn't update in so long. I also just want to point out that I have felt a bit disappointed cuz I haven't had comments on my blog either despite writing on yours.

I'm glad it went well for you! Are they trying to pass something in NY ? I'm not sure how much money should be spent on eds. There are so many causes that need money but 1.7 is not just a drop in the bucket when it today's economy it could mean cutting teachers,firemen,police, many others jobs that effect the lives of thousands even put the security of the US. in danger. Everything could use more money but the legislators have to look at the big picture. I wish that every program that needed money could be given what they need. I'm not saying I'm against giving more money for eds. I don't think there is any easy answer to this problem. I wish there was but I'm proud of you for telling your story and putting a face to the problem!!

Eating Alone said...

I'm sorry I did read it but thought it was today that you were speaking. Yesterday was my first day at work after the surgery and I was not doing well. Back to working from home today.

I'm so proud of you and glad that you could do it! I knew you could. Don't know why it thought it was today. See what percaset's do to you.

Zena said...

thanks David,
I guess I was having a whoo is me moment yesterday...but Im over it! Yeah it went really well...so well in fact they are thinking of having a press conference at the center and ummmm I might asked to be a part of it....although Im not sure i could do that...( being on TV...the whole 10 pound fatter thing...not so sure i could handle it) but we shall see never know what god has in store for me!

ps...I want some pericets ..I just dont want the pain you have to go through to get them :) I hope you are doing SUPER WELL!!! and I loved the pic of your stuffed pig!!!

Sarah, 1.7 million really is a a small amount to fund 3 centers across the state of NY, if the state workers stopped (doing)one hour of OT per week per person ( and I say doing because the privaledge is abused the state workers literally stay and DO NOTHING..I know this straight from the mouth of state workers) then the centers would be WAY MORE then covered, in fact they would also be able to save hundereds of teaching jobs... just by cutting out useless crap that is no value to anyone. Our state government needs to stop wasting money and focus on whats important, which would be all health care, educational services and the like!

thanks for commenting it means allot!

love, me

firefly said...

Hey just checking in admist the crazy storm we are having. We don't have electricity so I'm at Panera. Hope you are fairing better then me. We do have generator for some things. Internet not one of them. That would be awesome if you are interviewed. I know the ten pound thing is hard. I wouldn't look.

Blu said...

I always read...I just don't comment because- well I don't know why! but I always always read what you write, that's why today I thought, haven't heard from Tara in a while, let me check in..and I saw this. You are not alone, even though jerks like me make you feel like you are. Please keep writing.