Tuesday, March 2, 2010

it has no other purpose then for laughs!!!

this is what we do when we are bored....we take pics...with my wedding vale that really only makes me smile on my baby...i tried to get Zack to let me take his pic...but ofcourse hes to manly ...maybe Alyssa will let me when she gets home,

Isnt he cute??

forgive my face...i havent been well and i had to take the picture myself cause Zack wouldnt and isaiah kept taking pictures of my stomach. believe me you dont want to see that! :)

have a great day!!!


I knew she'd want to and peer pressure changed his mind!!! yeah!!!


Zena said...

I think my face looks crooked...oh well i never claimed to be a photographer:)

Eating Alone said...

I think you face looks fine. Glad your having fun with the kids.

Zena said...

thanks David, i changed my profile pic too...cause im feeling the need for some change...and i find it ironic considering im going through a divorce! :)

Zena said...

so i showed my mom the pics...she said i looked aweful, that i dont look like that...so she will be taking a more "suitable" pic for u all to view...i just assumed i really look like crap...she said no its the pic so ill put up a "suitable" one soon :)

firefly said...

Gee You can always rely on the mom to boost self esteem ahhh? You look fine and the kids adorable as ever! I wish I could figure out how to get a pic on here. Not that I have many though.

now.is.now said...

I think your picture is great. You just made the best memory ever with your kids today. they love you so much!

belinda said...

love it!
glad you're having some giggles.

Zena said...

thanks guys, it was fun...and it took some major games of rock, paper, sizzors to get zack to put on the vale...but ha ha zack...i won!!

just download your pics into a file on your computer, go to the pic icon when your writing a new post, browse through your photos, click on "add image" and your set, but you have to do that for each one otherwise it will keep replacing the first one you uploaded, learned that the hard way:)...if you still cant get it email me...i would love to see some pics of ben up there!

well anyway sometime this evening a more "suitable pic of me will be up...shes gonna be sorry...she cant change my face :(

lisalisa said...

screw suitable! You look just fine as you are!
Glad to see you still have your sense of humor. Been worried about you :)

Alexandra Rising said...

How cute!