Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To my madre

Today is my mothers 57th birthday!!! Go mom...you put up with allot of crap (allot mine but not all :) )

I was inspired by Brie's awesome post about her amazing family!!

So mom I love you, you Rock!!!

Your goal in life is to see all your children, grandchildren and dear friends happy and healthy!!

Last week you stole my keys so I would eat ( I almost tackeled her to the ground)

This week you paid for me to go to a conference to give my journey some hope, you paid for my train tickets to help me heal...you listened to me scream and cry over yogurt and you prayed for me (without my knowledge...so you thought).

I can never repay for all you have done and endured for your family, and even though you may never read this I want the world to know how awesome you are!!

Thankyou mom for giving me life, thankyou for never letting me quit and yes thankyou for stealing my keys even if it ment that i might wish you harm:)

ALL Moms are special...But mine...well she just Rocks!!!

To all you moms ( and moms that will one day be) Know your purpose in life has been ( or will be) already fufilled...You are all gifts from god...and as hard as it is for me to say...Im a mom...so I guess that means me too!!

Love you mom...and all that you are...and all that you DO!!!

but please could you stop counting the yogurts...its really starting t o freak me out ;)

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