Thursday, April 21, 2011


My dear friend Bella has a private blog( I think), she is spectacular and amazing and perfectly wonderful. Are lives mirror each other, we have known each other for 5 years, and though we have never met face to face I have to say she is the most amazing women I know, her strength, courage, love, generosity of time, love of her babies ( Roxy, poppy and swiz, shout out to the furry kids), determination, beauty, inner and out, AMAZES me....

We have both suffered great loss due to the suicide of our partners

suffered with an Eating disorder for many many years

love great jokes, good music, flamboyant gay men and a good stiff vodka

We both feel each others deep pain, and greatest joys.

We hurt hard, and love even greater.

She is amazing

I would encourage everyone to email her for an invite, her blog is called truth and bone and can be found on my blog role....this is what she came up with with inspiration for dear Ben (im stealing this because its wonderful and helpful and I feel you all should do this as just doing it this morning has helped me....

State for your day

your highlight

your lowlight

what you learned today

what you are grateful for today

and what you are good at that you did during the day

the title of this post is "Lessons from Ben" and although is short, I think its brilliant, and wanted to share with you all, and if her blogs not private ( I really cant remember) CHECK HER OUT!!!

Share with us are mine from yesterday

highlight: talking to bella cause I missed her very much

lowlight: learning that there might not be much else they can do med wise to help stablize my mood

what I learned: that if I just start my day it might not be as bad as I anticipate

what I am grateful for: that my mom is awesome and helps even with small things that seem to much for me right now

what I am good at: being a good mom, as hard as it is to admit my kids have been through hell this year and they may hurt hard but they love even harder and that says something for me.

Thank you my dear girl, I hope you dont mind me sharing this I just thought it was so wonderful it needed to be reposted.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taking a break

I am okay, in a sort of detached way, I dont want anyone to worry, I just havent anything to say...I do, just to tired to say it, Life is as it is...I muddle through, good days and bad days, but nothing makes me happy...Im sure qs soon as I press publish, I will want to write, but right now its been two weeks and I cant bring myself to tired, but I will press foward, I will still read everyones blogs, but right now I just cant be be...real, it just hurts to much.

Much love to all, thank you for always supporting me, being there and commenting.