Monday, March 30, 2009

feeling better...

I will not allow this 48 hr bug to derail me from my Recovery!!! I woke up feeling better this morning and had my precribed breakfast!! Go me!!! I spoke with S and she was sure it dint count as purging as it was against my will. which made me feel SOOOOOOOO much better, like all my hard work hadnt been thrown out the window...boy I would have been pissed and my Ed would have been thrilled...I started to hear the ED voices screaming at me last night ..."you havent eaten in 24 hrs ...keep it going" ...but I didnt listen i just got up and got out of bed and made some soup...ate it and kept it down!! GO ME again!!!!

I am off to see K ina few min so we shall see whatshe has to say aboutthe 48 hr bug and its reminints on my wieght...remember folks I am not under wieght just VERY bulimic..of course wieght loss leads to AN thoughts and well thats not good either. Lets just hope this bug is done. My whole family got it includeing the baby...teh H man and all the other kids. M is still sick in bed worrying about me ...wishing he had a few more days to stay home with me.. We will be having lunch and dinner together everyday and snacks will be with S and K so the only meal I have to do on my own is breakfast ..and I have the kids to be there for me with that. And I dont wan to let my kids down...

I am really hopeing all this puking didnt bring down my potassium cause I really dont want to be on supplements again...blahhhh...can you alll believe how amazing I am doing..i cant??

I need to clean my house...

I need to strarilize everything...

i need to see K and I am seeing DR. A today

I need to getmy labs done

and I need to write a post unrelated to ED!!!

Sorry its been so boreing lately

Love, Z


Zena said...

I just ate lunch and feel like I have gained 10 lbs...i feel so gross...on the up side K is very pleased with my progress..upped my MP cause of wieghtloss but she said its normal now that my metabilism is working again...blahhh I feel like I gained it all back in one meal...sorry for the bummer

Love, Z

PTC said...

I'm glad you are doing well and feeling better.

Hmm, I think I need to have the stomach flu so I can be AN. (Okay, this comment is not about me)

It's nuts that you lost weight in just a few days. Glad she upped your MP.