Monday, March 30, 2009

I am happy....

i am happy cause I dont need IP

I am happy cause my family is on the mend

I am happy cause my H is being 100% SUPPORTIVE!!!

I am happy cause my three kids are teh cutest EVER

I am happy cause life w/o Ed is far better then life with him.

I was thinking about all the feeling sorry for myslef I do and I realized that just now I have lots of things in my life to be happy with...

I see DOC. A today and I am hopeing she will tell me there is no permmanent damage done to my poor body and that I can continue on with this process in health and happiness. Well at least in health casue I am not always happy:)...but I am trying and folks I thinks thats what counts..right???

I am reading Life without Ed again and S and I are talking about disobeying and disagreeing...or maybe its the other way around... Like the thoughts are still there but I am not going to do what they say...

I swears I am not!!!

more to come on the DOC apt

love, Z


Zena said...

I am happy cause my Doc apt went great...High fives and hugs all around!!!!

PTC said...

Glad everything went well, Z. Keep up the positive outlook and good work!!

firefly said...

Yeah Zena!!!Nice work girl! I knew you could do it. It's good to see you really working recovery. You can do this. Things are getting better. I'm glad M is being so supportive right now. I'm glad you are feeling better too. Now to figure out how we can keep the germs out. Love ya!

Zena said...

Guys i am trying, I had my breakfast so i am following the plan ...but I FEEL LIKE A BIG FAT PIG!!!!!

I hate fOOD!!!!!!!!

FUCK a doodle DE

Love, Z