Monday, May 17, 2010


So i have been tagged...YEAH!!

Really I am very excited, touched and ummm a tad nervous, but thats my usual the nervous part I mean.

So I believe I am to tag 4 fellow bloggers whom I feel are beautiful..hmmmm very difficult decision since you ALL are beautiful, then I must tell you 7 secrets ( thats the part im nervous heres we go...

I tag Alex at htpp:// who shares both her struggles and her triumpths who is private so i am very sorry you cant read her but know she is awesome!Belinda at htpp:// is my soul sister, she has struggled and overcome more then any person I know, we share the EXACT same struggles which is very sad for us, but makes all the closer, and yes she too is simply beautiful. Amber at htpp:// , Amber writes exactly whats on her mind, and probably doesnt know I read her as much as I do because my lack of commenting on her blog as well as everyone elses leaves people thinking this girl doesnt even know me, but fyi my friends I read, my commenting has been sparse due to several reasons (lack of computer and inspirational things to and last but certainly not least my dear friend Sarah,at htpp:// whom is also private (sorry guys) at Sarah is one of the most supportive people (blogger/friends) I know, whom I have had the wonderful privilege of knowing in real life not just in Blog world. You are all beautiful, your writings, spirits and of course your bodies, inside as well as out!!!

Okay 7 secrets....ekkkkk (David your lucky I love you!!!)

1)I have only had 2 real boyfriends 1 at age 16 and one at 18 whom I would later marry.

2) I got pregnant before I was married (shame) and planned a wedding in 7 weeks ( although we were already engaged) because i refused to have a baby out of "wedlock"

3) 90210 was/is my FAVORITE show of all time and I sobbed openly when the show went off the air...dont tell me to watch the new one, there is NO comparison and there never will be...

4) Toby Kieth (country singer) is my boyfriend, and although he is unaware we will one day be married and I will have his baby and we will name it "LOVE CHILD" !

5)My mother was born Jewish, and have spent the last 3 days trying to explain to my children why they are Jewish by blood but not by believes ( and I am clearly failing miserably....cause they just dont get it).

6) When I was 22 my step-son and I walked into a gas station, he was giving me a hard time and the man behind the counter told him "to be good to his mother!" He was 11, I was 22 and HORRIFIED!!! and literally yelled "HES NOT MY SON!!!" Poor sean, he probably felt bad, but for him to be my son I would have had to be a child slut ( who by the way at that age was INCAPABLE of having that to much information)

7) I want more babies, like 2 or 3....when Im healthy of course...yep I love babies /kids that much! Im not a FREAK!!! Kids are just soooooo awesome!!!!

okay that wasnt so bad... I hope the links to the bloggers I tagged came out right...cause secret # 8 would be I am computer dumb dumb!!!

Okay my lovelies peace...

Love, Tara


Zena said...

amber's URL is NOT the right one for her I will email her and get the correct URL and then Edit my post...blahhhh seriously it took me an hour to figure out how to imbed these URL's told you I am a computer dumb dumb! ;)

battleinmind said...

Thanks for sharing your secrets! I hope you find your Toby Kieth ;)

I know what you mean about when some one thinks a child is your kid...I was working at my church creche talking to another helper and she was like "So how many kids do you have?" I was a little shocked considering I was only 16.


firefly said...

thanks for nominating me. I love you to death. Babies can still happen bit maybe give it sometime. This is me on drugs! lol

belinda said...

hey honey,
thinking of you heaps. you ok?

thank you for the nomination. we are sisters though, thru all of this, the good times and the hard.

speak soon okay,
i have a project that you may be interested in ;)