Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Since we are doing Affirmations....

Here are just a few...I have about 365 that were given to be S...

I am in charge of my LIFE.

The question I ask myself is not IF I should recover, but HOW I should recover.

recovery may seem hard, the alternative is WORSE!

I choose Life.

I need never go back again.

I have the Freedom and Power to create the life I desire.

I can forgive.

Self-love is my birthright.

I refuse to let the negative tape of self-pity trap me.

I am not finished growing, changing, evolving.

I am doing better then I think.

Either I find a way. or I will MAKE one.

My size does NOT determine who I am.

I am falling in love with life.

Doing my best is SUCCESS!

I am not at a dead end. I am reaching a new beginning.

I can let g o of shame.

I am rooted in the soil of right action.

Never give up for that is just the time and place the tide will turn.

Many things are possible if I accept that the fastest way is 1 step at a time.

I am free to take a journey of a lifetime.

Failure is NOT trying.

I move beyond old limitations....

There are like 345-350 if you ever need that little something extra let me know :)

These are the ones on the first 3 pages that I found especially true for me....there are 3 more maybe I will bless you all with another day of affirmations in the future!!

peace to you all..."never stop believing" glee

Love, Tara


battleinmind said...

These are lovely. Affirmations are great...I might write these out and stick them around my mirror. Thanks so much for sharing!

Sairs said...

I like these too :-)

firefly said...

hmmm I like these. I always feel silly saying things I don't believe. I had a friend that posted them everywhere. Steering wheel, bathroom mirror etc. Aww I miss Katie, but I hear she is doing well. Hope you had a good day! Still trying to figure out what to do about yesterday. Got two not nice e-mails from Marni and Dorothy. Methinks I will avoid them for a while. I'm waiting on Lauren to tell me what to do.

Hysterical Woman said...

I love these affirmations. Awesome...BTW "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" is one of my faves too. Stumbled across it years ago and still reread it at times. Thanks for the comment--it absolutely made my day! :) And thanks for following, I welcome any feedback/comments you might have.