Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its NOT a freaking kidney...


This should NOT bring on trauma, right???

So why why oh freaking why do I have butterflies in my tummy ( and no its not the greek yogurt:) )

Im a thinking because the last time I (we) bought a car was almost 6 yrs ago (well 5 yrs and 10 months) and mike was there and he did all the talking/negiotiating and now well this is my first major purchase (much needed) without him....its me and me madre, she did her research....blahhhh

I will be fine...its just a car Im not purchasing some black market kidney, there is nothing to be nervous about...BREATH...DONT FORGET TO BREATH...

I will post pics of my new non soccer mom van when I get back...cause I know you are all dying to see it ;)

love love,



firefly said...

looks like you are having fun looking! Can't wait to see what you get!

Sairs said...

I'm so glad it's you car hunting and not me. I don't have a car but I don't know the first thing about them so the fact you did it on your own is awesome. In my whole life I've only had a car for 6 months. Andy and I walk and catch buses or trains everywhere, but the public transport where I live is really good and cheaper that running a car. I'm rambling, I'm glad you got a car thought :-)