Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food Struggles :(

I know what you all are thinking...Its always something with this girl, but..sorry it seems to be that way right now :(

I am writting this to hold me accountable for TODAY!!!

I've been umm skimping on this...mostly my fats and a starch or 2 a day...

Now this is no excuse but with all the stress I am under I have either been completely enveloping myself in projects (ie: I have redecorated three bedroom in the past 3 day yes painting and all) and since I have OCD (yeah another thing) I like cant stop/wont stop til Im done with whatever it is Im doing, so I kinda miss things like snacks or the occational lunch...or I am dealing with my kids who you all know are severely struggling and out of control (behavior wise), or Im hysterical crying in grief, (I sound so fun huh?) so that leaves little time to just "be" which is what I need to do so that I am able to focus on recovery as well as the other things in my life...

anywho, for today I am going to post my food intake so if your triggered by that STOP READING NOW!!!!

okay so far

Breakfast: was late...2 cups coffee w/splenda ( my bestest friend) and a chocolate banana viviano smoothie from yes you guessed Starbucks....and for some reason I told them to make it with non fat milk instead of the usual 2% yeah saved myself 30 cal Im a dumbass....

Its now 1:11 pm...I need to eat lunch, heres the catch...I DONT WANT TO!!! wah wah Im A BRAT!!!

So I will be back later to TELL YOU THAT I ATE LUNCH and I will tell you what it was... so if you cant read that stuff AGAIN STOP READING!!!

okay til Later my loves

Update: 2:04 pm

Lunch: Chobani strawberry Greek yogurt w/14 crushed almonds
1/2 pita w/2 tble hummus
8 oz decaf green tea

If you are wondering "wheres the protien?) Greek yogurt has like 14 grams of protien so it counts as a dairy and a protien (plus the smoothie from breakfast has like a third of my daily protien, protien powder is a wonderful thing :) )....and yes I only had 1/2 the pita but I will make up for the other starch somehow...okay til snack time my darlings...

Snack: 4:45 pm

1 delectable coffee "milkshake"

1 cup 1% milk

3/4 extra strong Iced cofee

1 1/2 cup ice


and this is me after my TREAT

Dam blogger...I can never get the pictures to come after the text...if you can help me that one let me know...anyway top pic is of me after said treat!!!

More to come...

hmmmmm its 8:05 pm and I am just now sitting down to dinner...Zack had a baseball game and well Im a poor planner (when it comes to my food...

Dinner is a 6in turkey and vegtable sub from subway w/1tble lt mayo

I still have to have my snack but if your any good at math ( which I know you Ed people are)m then you will realize even if I have a 300 cal snack say in 2 hours I will still be in a 650 cal deficite....


I need to up the anty...I need to eat more food at each meal or snack...LIKE I WAS DOING!!!

Get it together TARA!!!



Til Later....


10:30pm snack

banana w/1 tble pb

didnt meet mp...but I tried 650 short

tomorows a new day and I see S, so we will talk about it, and how to push through the hard feelings eating brings out.

tomorrows goal: COMPLETE HONESTY

Love you all,



firefly said...

Hey It's good to be accountable with the foods but I want to hear the life stuff too. The food is how your coping with the life stress. Ugh I need to make some phone calls but I'm just so tired. Want to bead.

lisalisa said...

don't know how to help so I am just sending HUGS! HUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHGUHGUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHGUGHUGHGUGHUGHUHGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUGHUG okay I am getting dizzy and I think there was a "HUH" in there ;)

XO Lisa said...

Im just letting you know that I support your understanding that the MP is important. Honesty is a good goal, T.


Eating Alone said...

Accountable is a good thing.

Try using firefox as your browser, it's a lot easier to move pics around.

firefly said...

Umm I really didn't know the cals and how short you were. Guess I'm just scared about everything. Anyways for your evening snack if you are still lacking a boost is good. I was trying to read the house rules behind you. At first I thought they were for you but then I thought dah! The kids. I couldn't read all of them. Aww the pictures were cute. I still have to make your bracelet. Love ya!