Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick and boreing

AS promised my here is a lovely Drug list and what they are for be forewarned I take quite a few meds so here goes it:

Depression: Lexapro...20mg one time a day in morning, the wonder drug that has gotten me out of the miserable funk I have been in for many a months. It has made me feel like ummm well me again, i feel like the terriable wieght that was glued to my shoulders has been lifted!!!

Anxiety: a blog roll if you will....The wonderdrug catagories of benzos

clonazepam: .5 mg 2xs a day morning and night, its my saving grace and prevents me from wanting to crawl out of my every growing skin:0, It calms me down so I can think and I mean think not thought racing!!!

Vistaril: 25mg three times a day one with each meal, well actually thirty minutes prior to a meal...guess its suppossed to make me more realxed, I suppose I would notice a big difference if I didnt take it, which i would never do casue Iam a good little patient;)

anti-physcotics: or my Bi-polar meds. Lamictal 100mg 2 times a day for a total of 200 mg daily to be revised at any point and time like maybe tomorrow when I see P-doc, help with the mood issues, the thought racing, and the over all feelings of be very imbalanced.

and lastly but not leastly Risperdone: .5 mg three times a day half hour before meals, to umm calm me down, stop food thoughts and to stablize mood.

So there you have it folks my blog roll of medications and umm what they do for me, at least a little of what they do for me, I am sure they do more but I am no P-doc, so its just what i notice...and I dont know,people ( family) say I am on to many meds but I disagree I mean if it keeps me sane then whats the harm, other then the hefty bill ...which is mighty hefty by the way. SO I guess they and some DBT work are why i ahve been so ME again, bet you are all glad I am back, for reals.

K my peeps, I am out and off to see S...wish me luck

I might have another post later today hey you never know with a grovie girl like me and all the interesting things I do :)

Love, Z


Just Eat It! said...

Is it weird that I'm currently taking or have taken all of those drugs before? I got all freaked out when I read in the newspaper that benzodiazepines aren't supposed to be long-term. They're the most effective for me.

joann said...

I hope you'll be getting better and better <3

Zena said...

I have been on benzos for like 4 yrs now so many they arent soppossed to be long term but they work for me and thats what counts, Right? I dont think I am addicted I never take more then i am prescribed and only at the right times..soooo I think it is a judgement call with the pdoc you work with, you know if it works wy fix it! As for being on all the same drugs...well that is a little freaky:)

Joann, thanks for the well wishes love, I am getting better and better and i hope you are too...how are you doing, anyway??

Love, Z

now.is.now said...

Zena, hello!!

I am caught up on your blog now.

Okay - a zillion things to say, but really, I just want to jump up and down and give you 10 million high fives and a hug.

You are really committed to living life well -- for yourself and your family. It's wonderful. Not that you'll never have a slip, but this commitment that is evident is important. Whenever I notice that I make some progress, it's always after I experience some sort of "commitment." Commitment to following professional's advice. Or Commitment to "the process." Or commitment to being on my own side or whatever.

Doesn't it feel good to have not purged and stayed right on track after the PB and J?! You can remember that for next time. How if you just force yourself to get through the next couple of meals and focus your energy outwards on life and other people, all of the sudden, the binge is in the past! GREAT JOB ON THAT!!!!!!

Also - if I ever have kids - I'm going to try to be like you and Lisa. You two are super mom! WOW! Your kids will grow up and have so many memories! You are a memory making machine!

I'm so glad the drugs help. You keep doing what you need to do so that you can be your true self and be the best Z there is (for your and your family's benefit). You rock!

I looked in my refrigerator just a bit ago and saw cottage cheese and blueberries and thought of you :)

firefly said...

Hey Z: I'm glad those drugs work for you. I've had a hard time taking any. Right now I'm taking 100 mg of trazadone and 100 bendryl. I was thinking when my perscription ran out of bendryl I would stop taking it because I was thinking it wasn't working anymore. I did it for three nights and was up until four. You bet I got it filled on monday. Anxiety has picked up for me this week. Impending doom stuff. Possibably because my temp job is ending soon.