Monday, July 13, 2009


hey my peeps :)

I love that word!!!

whats happening in the lives of my blogger buddies?? Me oh well since you asked I had a good no make that GREAT weekend!!

Totally relaxed!!

No more Behaiors for the rest of the weekend which makes any weekend GREAT!!! Right? RIGHT!!!

lets see Saturday I took Alyssa to a Birthday party at BUILD a BEAR, and she had a blast, she got the cutest little bear and she named her sarah,( and off course thats where she wants her party to be next yr, only I think its mad expensive , like mucho dinero) I will tell my sister it was named after her but in reality i think she named the bear after my step-sons girlfriend who went camping with us last weekend. Oh which by teh way they are going to open a makeup shop ( so they say) and make us oddles of money!! who will by the makeup I am wondering that myself but ALyssa wants to have a slushie sale so she can make the money to open up her makeup store, yes my darling is such a entrepanure(sp), so lets see...

I took the boys swimming at my moms while she was at the party, and I put Isaiah is a life jacket and he flipped over, he didnt think it was funny but I sure di as he layed on his back screaming, he couldnt get his body upright, i am not a mean mom, so i quickly swooped him up and put him in a life raft where he relaxed for a good fifteen minutes, and if you have a 2 yr old or know one you know thats a long time for them to do one thing. He was so cute just laying there are chilaxed. Zackman got a very quick swimming lesson...and I am sure you are thinking whats so cute about that well here it is folks, we went to get all the life jackets out of my moms shed, and a mouse had eaten through all of them except Alyssas, so what did he have to wear, a pretty pick one, awwww he was so cute dressed in pink :) anyway he gathered his courage cause usally he is kinda wimpy when it comes to water, and jumped in!!! and did the doggy paddle for a little while...he was so excited that he is learning how to was a real kicker, him paddeling around in his little pink life jacket..not just any life jacket but a full body one!!!

SO we went to Pick up ALyssa and of course she was pissed she didnt get to go swimming...and tehn she started whinning it was "sweating" out, SO I gathered my crew and headed over to Brunswick beach about 2 miles from my house and tehy frolicked in the water for about an hour and a half, Jumping off the Dock, and swimming around. Alyssa is a pretty good swimmer and as she would say a little mermaid, so she was going deep in the water yelling " mommy LOOK" every 2 got a little wearing but it was fun. then Isaiah got the idea he was goignto jump off the dock too, SO for about 20 minutes He help my hand and "jumped" off the dock, he was so cute! They played on the playground that is right at the beach for a while before it started to we packed it up and went home, It was about six by this point, so we had dinner and snuggled into bed to watch the "The Cat in the Hat" for about the 15th time and we all fell asleep together...awwww a family moment.

Yesterday...hmmmmm lets see, i spent most of the morning cleaning, and you will be pleased to know you can now walk into Alyssa room...where before you could not set foot in her room for fear of breaking a bone by tripping...but alas it tis now clean!! after 3 bags of crap Broken toys a the like were removed from her room, it took us an hour and a half but it was a job well done!! then we moved into the Z mans room, and quickly cleaned that as I had just cleaned it on friday so it wasnt that messy but boys mess things pretty easily so it still needed to be cleaned. Then we layed the baby down for a nap ( I say we but mean me :) ) and the two older ones played in the pool while chilled on the deck catching soem rays although you would never know it cause I had to get up every 5 minutes to watch them do some kind of trick.

Oh and teh best part of the day was when my H and my step son FIXED my car...HORRAY!!! No more driving around in a death wagon. SO my inlaws came up for a few minutes and ended up taking the two older ones to walmart and they came back with a little pool for Isaiah!!! Yeah so now he has his own pool, he is so excited!!! So I watched him splash around in that for a while, which was cute and then we had a BBQ, to celebrate my fixed car!!! by then it was what did we do...ofcourse we settled in to watch "The Cat in the HAT" AGAIN!!!! we all fell asleep in my bed again...H man wasnt to happy bout that, cause he had to sleep on the couch, but it was cute. So that was my chillaxed weekend.

I think I will take the kids to the beach again today if it warms up...It is supper fun to watch them frolick around.

Hope you all had a weekend as relaxing as mine...ohhh can you tell that my new drugs are working?? I didnt lay on the couch and cry all weekend..but thats another post..I will write about all my yummy drugs sometime soon...see now you have soemthing to look foward to:)



Flushed said...

So glad to hear about your fabulous weekend! Love all the positive energy in your post, very inspiring. =)

PTC said...

Man, you had a packed weekend. :)

I just got back to NYC and am off to Charro in 10 min.

Telstaar said...

Ooooh this is SUCH a good post Tara! Seriously! I love it! You sound happy and like you did okay :). SOOOOO happy!!! *mwah* xox

lisalisa said...

Wow! Swimming twice in one day- you are a super-momma! And the BBQ sounds fun- hooray for cars that run!
This post really made me want to move to new york so I could come hang with your family, it sounds like you really know how to have a good time!
I'm dying to know what meds you are on- mine seem to be fizzling out on me. Please post on this; I am super curious!

belinda said...

this is what its all for honey!


firefly said...

Sounds like good times. We are so lucky to have the beach nearby. Believe it or not I have friends that have never seen the ocean. Yep I missed it while in treatment. There is something to say for the breeze, the sound of waves crashing, and cool walks by the beach. Build a Bear is fun as a child but when they make adults go through the same motions it seems a bit silly. I'm like just give me the bear already!