Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, so long, goodby...DO NOT RETURN!!!

well this has been I can say by far the worst year of my life!!!

but its over in 2 hours and 13 minutes, thankyou God above.

How are you ringing in the new year?? How do you plan on making this year Different???

So first off, Im ringing in the new dressed up, drinking with my sista, sitting in my duplex, watching "Fred" The movie! I know fun times. Right?? wish you were here I know;)

How do I want this year to be different??? hmmmm

well first off I would like to not want to off myself this year.

I would love if my kids could finally start to heal from thier dads suicide

I would really like to do some serious ED kicking ASS

Take a yoga class, and learn to be with just me...

Read all of Chelsea Handlers Books cause even though I have never seen her show her books are freaking hysterical currently reading chelsea chelsea Bang Bang, after just having read..."are you thre voodka its me chelsea" great reads, hysterical and great distractions after meals.

lessen up on my OCD cleaning insanity

Listen to my body when it doesent want to run

attend chuch regularly again

love on my kids, even though they drive me nutso.

invest better with my moula

be a better blogger

wait impatiently for my dear Bella to visit me...

did I mention KICK EDS ASS!!!

tell me, what do you want to do differently, keep in mind these are not resolutions, cause well they die down a week into january, these are long term over the year!!!

Happy and healthy NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!

Love, Tara


Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

Let's vow together - we are going to kick ED's ass and have lives of happiness and joy in 2011!!!

battleinmind said...

You're a fabulous blogger! There isn't much room for improvement.
They all sound like great goals, I hope and pray this next year will be 10000x better than 2010!


belinda said...

welcome 2011, a new decade with new beginnings :)
i love your goals.. especially about waiting impatiently for me! hehehe i'm heading into big debts this year but once that is organised maybe the bank would be kind enough to allow me a holiday?? to find someone to look after my very high maintenance pets!! ;)

Jessi said...

i hope 2011 is good for you x

Bailey said...

2010 is so last year!! these resolutions rock :] cheering for you!