Thursday, December 2, 2010

one more day!!!

Till I get back my computer, thats right the fixed my baby...sigh of great relief!!!

I think the last 2 plus months without my computer has really taught me allot, one I can go with emailing/talking to S everyday...or two I relasped when I lost my writing outlet...hmmmm

I think writing is really important for me, I purged my thoughts regularly to S, in between sessions, I needed that, will I go back to it, not sure, time will tell.

I have missed a dear friend, who so much more then just a friend, we chatted about everything and nothing all at once, we share so much its really insane, we live parallel lives, SHe has a wonderful blog, and has gone through so much and is coming out on top, just like I knew she would, Her blog is truthandbone@blogspot.comIm not sure if its private, might be but if it is you should ask for an invite cause shes a true inspiration...

anyway, I will get to the point not talking to her, as I think, might have contributed to my relapse, she straightened my ass out, told me like it was, and did it all with great love..

I believe I will need to put boundries on my use of the computer, as my kids need my full attention, Zack is progressing and I will update his blog tomorrow, but hes on meds and steps are going forward, which is good.

Im not sure what Im really talking about, except, I need to pull my ass out of this relapse, and I think this blog, and talking to Bella and S are part of it...

anyway need to run, kids need attention and I need to get to the gym, thankgod my sisters here!

Oh and we are putting up our tree tomorrow, made cookies to decorate for tonight, and I pretty much prepared a full on thanksgiving dinner for our tree decorating party...and we are going to actually chop down the tree, so it should be cool.

okay love to you all...

Oh and if you leave anonymous comments I have to approve them cause Im getting mega spam and really its quite annoying

Love you all



lisalisa said...

I was without my computer for 2 days and barely made it. I don't know how you made it with no computer for 2 months, I would lose my mind!

How are you doing? How was your birthday? Chopping down your own tree sounds fun. Very festive!


Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

I'm glad to hear from you. I've been thinking about you and wondering if you were okay. :)


belinda said...

welcome back baby!!!

love you. Xx