Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mean people go to HELL!!!

Thats it, I just think that they should know that being cruel for no other reason they just to be cruel or to fulfill thier own selfish desires to make themselves feel better, should and most likely will go to hell.

There is a bumper sticker that clearly states "MEAN PEOPLE SUCK"

I would like to add that not only do they suck, they should SUCK IT!!!

The next time someone who is a fucken cruel, pathetic loser crosses me or someone I care about, I will hunt down and rip off thier private parts!!

Yeah, so dont fuck with me or those who have meaning to me, cause I refuse to let abuse be in this world anymore ( blogger, or otherwise)

Stupid Fuckers

Tara, my real name not some no named holier then everyone else shit head.


Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

Thanks. :)

Eating Alone said...

OK, so what the heck happened? Are you OK? If your just venting that's cool, but this sounds like someone was a real jerk to you.

I hope your OK.

Zena said...

Hey David,
Between dealing with inlaws who belive all people with a mental illness are just attention seekers with no real problmes, and they can just will themselves out of a depression, anxiety or an eating disorder, despite the fact that thier son killed himself ( which clearly means he was mentally ill) and reading no named comments on my blog ( which I no longer publish or respond to) and others blogs Im just sick of it, Im sick of people being so crass and ununderstanding and cruel, I just needed to vent.

People who blog in this community are ill, need love, support and yes at times gentle but kicks, do not need to be minimized and made to feel bad for being sick, right now in RT my voice is small, but here I can express my true anger, so I did..How'd you think I did, did I seem mad ;)

your welcome((hug))


Malefic said...

I came across your blog. Good for you. I'm glad to see you are fighting so strongly. Mean people? Well, I can't say I agree with your reasoning to send them to hell. Maybe you could try looking at it as if they are mean or cruel because something is missing within them. People who are angry are usually struggling with something that is exceedingly difficult to deal with. If you try to look at it like that maybe you can find a way to see how to not let if affect you so deeply. Just my thoughts. Keep going though!