Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Its as simple and as difficult as that!

Your body needs food. Starving ( literally) for several days at a time will inevitabley leave your body to do what ever it can to find calories...like last night, I hadnt eaten in a few day, and sometime between midnight and 2 am I at ( cause I take inventory before I go to bed so I know) 7 vanilla finger cookies, 1 bottle of chocolate soymilk and a package of little bite brownies...this morning my anxiety is so high, I think I could take off in flight, but there is a solution to not sleep eating, EAT DURNING THE DAY!! Its as simple and as difficult as that!, If I could get over the guilt, shame,anxiety, despiar from eating unplanned food maybe I could do better today....really I would like nothing better then to medicate and sleep til I am sure I am empty again, but reality is I cant, so really what I must do is in a few hours start my mp ( 1 item every 2 hours til 8 pm), how I will manage I dont know, but really its just as simple and difficult as that.

Like the way that saying goes so I used it 3 times in one blog, shoot me...no really ...just kidding,



Eating Alone said...

Your body needs protein, carbos and fat (the good kind and even the bad is ok sometimes).

I do hope you take care of yourself. Your children deserve it.

belinda said...

you know the answers :)
putting into action is not always easy but it is doable.