Monday, December 6, 2010

My voice

I just used my voice with my in laws, its been causeing me such distress they way they treat me, I just texted them Im worried about thier response, but I finally stood up to them, Im not a doormat, and they better start respecting me, or they might not get to see the kids at all, they are my babies, and my babies dont even want to go anyway...

Score one for me, I used my voice today, first time in a long while.

Love, Tara


Eating Alone said...

You should not let people treat you bad. You get a big check in the box for you today. Stand up for yourself.

Sia Jane said...

Please keep using your voice and please keep fighting to be well.
You deserve to be well, and your kids need you well. I just read about Mike and I am just so sorry.
Truly. I am xxxxxx

belinda said...

woop woop!
go girl :)