Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New York Sucks...brrrrrr

Im so freaking cold I am sitting in my living with my winter coat on, 2 blankets, the heat on 70 and sipping on a hot non fat latte from STARBUCKS...Im soooooo cold, I hate this weather, I want summer back, as soon as christmas is over I want summer and the shitty thing is like we have no snow, so its going to be a freezing brown like christmas.

I thought I was a tough New Yorker, but Im not Im a wimp, who is cold and just wants to stay under her blankies, and in 5 min I must go out and bare the winter wind to get my lovies...

S says its cause of my ED that Im so cold, but you know what that may partly to blame but shit its 17 with a windchill of 10 wouldnt anyone be cold...Im thinking yes...I want to go live with David in florida, my bones cant take this much more.

whiner, Tara


battleinmind said...

Oohh rubbish :( Being cold is horrible. But maybe S is right, when I was at a lower weight I was so much more cold.

Eating Alone said...

Hah!! And I was complaining this morning when hit the mid 50's!

17 is just nuts!

OH and if they will not let me have a cat there's no way they would let me have kids. Stuipid board! And cats/animals do so much to help people emotionaly and physically taking care of them.

Sorry I am just in uncertainty land right now about her I'm all flustered. And let's face it ED's black or white is working against me big time.

lisalisa said...

yeah, its cold here in Iowa too. Not too bad this week, but 2 weeks ago there were a couple of days where the high was in the single digits!

Lisa said...

I'm quite cold a lot as well. My dad once thought that I had to get some blood work done because I was always was part of my ED bc it was in May.

But dude- windchill of 17...damn

you have every right to be freezing!
stay warm and hang in there babe

firefly said...

hee hee! umm I think it is ed too. At IOP TONIGHT(last night) We both were freezing sitting next to the fireplace and the therapists are like it feels like a sweat lodge. Also I sometimes think my anxiety causes me to feel cold.