Monday, January 3, 2011


Saw the Ed doc today, apparently I have heart palpitaions, I was unawre of, she I guess heard them when she listened to my heart..duh..

need more blood work.

Sick of this merry go round.

I really need to get my shiz together, I mean I know I have a shit heart, it almost crapped out 2.5 yrs ago, now even though my wieght isnt low my body cant handle restricting, I will not go back to medical or residentional, so I really just need to step it up a notch, ... tonight dinner and boost, this shiz needs to stop.

My kids already lost one parent I sure as hell will not let them lose another to a mental illness.

amusing thing today, at least I thought so K, my N brought me in coupons for boost, meaning I need to drink at least 2 a day, plus dinner and 2, really, I just laughed, but I did take them cause well that shiz is expensive...oh and my mom brought me the same coupons..haha ...the universe is trying to tell me something.

Boost it up baby!

Love, Tara


Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

That's right - boost it up and ensure you will live! (Ensure, get it? I know, lame, but Ensure is my supplement of choice. My dad buys it in these huge boxes for me, lol.)

Together we are going to kick Ed's ass in 2011. Promise.


sarahlynn said...

Do what you have to do - it sounds like you're doing what you've got to. I remember in hospital my friends and I offered help by offering "do you need a boost?" A reminder that we can help each other & that in order to recover you need the nutrition to do so. And well, we just liked to be ironic.
Angela's got it right - give yourself a Boost and Ensure you live - and succeed. *hugs*

Zena said...

You both made me smile...much needed after what I am calling a boost hangover...2 last night, in 3 hours, plus dinner...yes I definately have a boost t..or boostover, hahaha

I need to do it again today...2 boost, dinner, PLUS a yogurt/banana/with 14 almonds, plus a 12 chocolate silk after I work out...cant say it will ALL happen, but I will do the dinner and ALL the boosts and the chocolate silk..somewhere I will try to fit in the yogurt concoction.

love you all, and yes I definately laughed!!

love, Tara