Thursday, January 6, 2011

a branch fell in!

I have been doing allot of thinking lately, soul searching, trying to figure out who and what I am and will one day become....I have been left with allot of unanswered questions, Im struggeling, to put it mildly, but tonight my nieghbor ( a guy...whose married but unhappily and seems to like me, I have no interest for numerous reasons, so no worries there) but he said something to me a bit ago...they know that I have an ED and I have been running allot, they know I was running even though I severly injured my right knee, that I was in allot of pain but kept going, I lessened my running and after the 3 days I took off for christmas, my knee feels sooooo much better.

Anyway I have had a very sick little girl the last few days and have been only able to run 2xs this week, I feel aweful about it, he asked me to babysit tomorrow, and I said yes but not til after my apt and some severe makeage up of the running. He simply stated " No just run what you have been doing, your knee will act up again, you will be in a ton of pain again, its not worth it, dont listen that voice in your head that degrades you, for you my dear, the world is an oyster, stop looking, the pearl is right in front of you"

He reached out to me, he handed me a branch, he cared, something I so long for, the branch fell in, and Im going to use it to climb out of the deep, dirty hole.

Dont you just love it when the most unexpecting person hands you a branch.

Love, Tara


battleinmind said...

I'm so glad this guy was so straightforward with you. And good on you for not just ignoring it. It sounds kinda like your running because you feel you have to, not because you enjoy it. I hope you can get to a place where you can run only when you actually want to.

Lisa said...

:) I'm glad that you felt cared for. I'm sorry that your child is sick. I've struggled with the running issue as well. I'm here for you babe!!!