Saturday, January 29, 2011

stupid is stupid does

I have done something I am to embarressed to even tell you guys, I cant not even believe what I have done, perhaps Mike was right, I am no good and cant be trusted, I need support, I know I am being cryptic but really Im so ashamed and my feelings are so conflicted, Im so loney and I know I have put myself in an awful position, I just needed human touch. and now I must deal with the fallout..


lisalisa said...

I am concerned. I am sure that you cant have done anything that was so bad that a true friend wouldn't understand. I hope that made sense. But trust me, as someone who has made nearly every bad mistake that a daughter/sister/friend could make, I will listen and not judge if you need someone to talk to. Email/fb message me if you want.

Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

I also am concerned. Please don't judge yourself. I have made so many mistakes, mistakes that have almost destroyed everything. You are only human, and of course you need human touch. I also will listen and not judge. Call me if you need to - anytime.


Zena said...

I slept with my neighbor Im sad, alone, and feeling so dumb...he has a girlfriend..stupid and sad

In the Pink said...

I do not want you to feel alone. So many people makes mistakes like that. Point is I doubt you will do it again...but even if you do, it is nothing to hate yourself for. You are a sweet person and I too have had my moments of weakness. ((hugs))

Lisa said...

hun, we all make mistakes. we're all human. we all need something sometimes...

you are NOT STUPID. You are human :)


you know how to reach me if you need me

lisalisa said...

oh honey, I remember that "morning after" feeling. Don't beat yourself up too bad, though. You are hurting and vulnerable right now and everybody makes mistakes.
It sounds like you neighbor is more in the wrong....I mean, he has a girlfriend, he should know better. Men!

I certainly dont think any less of you! I am worried about you though and wish there was more I could do to help :)


Eating Alone said...

UMMMM... Sorry but I just don't see it. I see a jerk cheating on his girl friend and taking advantage of an person in a bad place.

This is not your fault, while it does take two I'll bet he started it.

Guys like this make me sick. He knows what your going through and manipulated you. Sorry but it's a guy thing.

Please quit blaming yourself for this.

Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

I agree it sounds like he took advantage of a bad situation. You need care and concern right now. Please don't keep blaming yourself. You are only human.



flaweddesign said...

those were lies from Mike, i'm sorry.

you are a lovely, supportive woman to me and a great mom. everyone's said it, everybody makes mistakes...and there's nothing you can do but make it right with a sincere apology or a gentle conversation with yourself to reframe your thoughts.


belinda said...

i agree with everyone here too love.
i'm sorry, you tell me he is sweet and loving but his behaviour says otherwise. i really am not impressed with him in the slightest.

Z. said...

Let yourself be a human. You made a mistake, and we all have. Lean on the one who came in his perfection to live in a human body, all so he could understand our plight as simple humans... Trust me, its not beyond him. Over and over he will show you grace and mercy beyond what you can even imagine. He loves you so much. So so so much. Rest in that. Soak it all in. Drink it in. Delight in it. And know that no matter how bad you are, there is NOTHING you can do to mess that up.