Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wii Fit Plus

my kids got it for christmas ( not by me)...long story short, they love it,a nd I now have a scale in my house, I havent used it, but Im so tempted, I havent known my wieght in nearly 3 yrs, it will become an obession, and if it higher then what I think it will send me into crisis mode...they want me to play, but the repercussuions for me to be "evaluated" by that board...are they worth the damage, to my mind, I shouldnt let it tell me my worth, its like a super scale, that will verblize how fat I am, bmi, wieght, wii age, shit that will all play tricks on me, its pretty accurate, the kids were just at the doctor and it was the exact same wieght on the wii as in the doctor, dam technology, what should I do, I guess I know the answer, I just need confirmation Im not being a bad mom by not hopping on the board, they want me to, but I know it will drive me mad...deep sigh...fucking ED wrecks EVERYTHING!!!

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