Friday, April 23, 2010

Im okay

I realized its been a bit since I posted for numerous reasons...#1 being my soon to be attorney sister needed le computer because hers crapped out and its finals...#2 super busy with kids and their school and their various sports activities and now that there are 3 yes THREE of us in therapy, plus my N and pdoc apt....that makes a total of 6 appointments that I have to attend every its been crazy busy and (EXPENSIVE) but the kids totally need it, as do I. #3 I had to prepare to be in my sisters mock trial for a final exam grade in one of her classes, Real judge, Real court, Real(kinda) jury...and you will never guess the role I had to play...yes the grieving widow (it was planned 3 weeks before Mike died) anyway I was like the star witness ...on the stand for like an hour...I saw my husband get shot...( after the trial the judge gives constructive criticism, but first he said "Ms. Summers" ( that was my name in the trial) "are you a law student?" me: "no" "well what do you do for a living?" me: "I a mom to 3 kids" "well" he says " you should be an actress...your performance was tremendous!! Have you ever considered acting? Really you could make a career out of it" Me: thanks but I dont think so...him "just something to consider..." so yeah before he gave his constructive criticism , he told me how great I was...Yeah me ( ps NEVER WOULD I GO INTO ACTING...ummmm TO MUCH PRESSURE TO BE THIN) but it was nice to be told that.#4 I have been busy calling legislators, major and minority leaders, the Health committee chairmen, the Senator Finance committee Chairmen, The Health committee chairmen and the Like to advocate for the restoration of funding for the New York State Comprehensive Care center's for Eating Disorders (NYCCCED'S) There are three centers across NY one in Albany where I live, one in Rochester and one somewhere else I cant remember...anyway if you are reading this in NY call your local assemblyman and ask for the "restoration of funding for the New York State Comprehensive Care Centers for Eating Disorders", Please do it for me, and if you get a hold of anyone, tell what your asking for and share a little of your story and how your life has been affected by your Eating Disorder and how it would be so beneficial for you to be able to receive all of your tx (Psychological, nutritional,and medical care all in one facility and how great it would be if your tx team was connected to any and all residential, partial hospitalizations or any other tx you may need, that if it was all through one continuum of care if would greatly help you in your recovery process and would make transitions much easier because you would not have to update your tx team on any advances/setbacks in your recovery they would already know because all of the care professionals would have already been in constant contact) feel free to write that down and call your legislator....anyway thats what I have been doing...ohh and ummm grieving the loss of my husband, but thats mostly at night when I put the kids to bed and my brain wont shut off and the images in my head become more then I can bare...but anyway..I will write up a proper post soon..I have a couple Im working on, but none Im ready to post...


Happy Friday

Love, Me


firefly said...

Hey Girlie, I'm thinking you need to add some fun in your life. I'm glad you are doing the state work. I used to go to an out patient place where you had a np, therapist, and nutritionist. They moved an hour and a half away. NH doesn't have any ed ip/residential places. Boston or Maine. I want my dr. to work on it they want to run an iop program but they say it would take three years to get it going.

belinda said...

glad you are keeping busy with care centre project :)

guess what?
i'm replying from hospital! yup, came in yesterday with my computer, so i can still chat with you my lovely!! :D

big love.

Zena said...

oh pup cake<3 ((hugs))

Im so glad you decieded to go least now I know your safe...

I cant believe they let you bring in your laptop...thats pretty cool....never been to place that allows that:)

please take gentle care...will speak soon...dont have much access to a computer these days sister has law finals and is useing my computer as hers crapped out...booo

love you both so much!!!