Friday, April 9, 2010

A food style!

That when life gives you lemons you have 2 choices:

you can either add some water and sugar and make lemonade :)

or you can cut the lemons in half open your eyes and squeeze the juice into your eyes so that it burns and makes the tears flow.

Did you know when life gives you a tough shitty piece of meat you can either, marinate it, tenderize, cook it slow and steady, let it rest and slice it against the grain and end up with a wonderfully tender piece of steak...

or you could

throw it on the grill, not pay attention to it let it cook to long cook, cut it with the grain and end up with a shitty tough piece of meat!

Did you know that when you make blueberry muffins you can measure the ingredients, take your time, sift your flour, mix it til its just right, bake it at the right temperature, let them cool slightly and enjoy a nice fluffy blueberry muffin.

or you could just throw in the ingredients, not measure a thing, miss something, not take your time, over mix, over cook and you will get tough, nasty muffins that your dog could use as a chew toy!

So my point ( after all these food analogy's :)) is Im going to add some sugar to my life, Im going to be more tender with the people and things that I love, Im going to take my time, and follow the recipe for life...slowly I will do what I need to do to not survive but thrive.

hope you enjoyed the closest thing i have ever done to a food post:)

Love, Tara


lisalisa said...

Aww, I liked this post! Hang in there, lady!

Alexandra Rising said...


belinda said...

fuck yeah!
you go girl

love you.

Blu said...

i love it, made me laugh- i never pay attention to recipes and always fuck it up... but i agree on being more gentle with yourself, and i guess others but right now i'll just take more gentle with yourself- thinking of you often.. said...

This post was hilarious... but also so true. Add those tender, sugary things to your life and treat yourself well, my dear!