Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A good sesh

as to qoute PTC..."I had a good sesh with S tonight" M and I went together and whew let me tell you it was good , intense but good. He showed allot of concern over the exercise and S kept saying we need Zena to take ownership of her illness, if she cant follow the guidelines then her privalges will be yanked...which means i some how must consume another 500 calories plus the dinner I JUST had..ugh...FUCK me!! SO that also means iam takinga rest day tomorrow...yep that means no running folks..blaahhhh again...

I saw the good DOC A today and she rambeled on about my body eating itself and i listened intently and nodded at the right places and then she said well your down from last time so i want to see you in 6 weeks with a 3 week check in with DR.S..oh joy.

So anyway we talked allot about exercise tonight...fun stuff...M compared it to like say shes not eating right, so we let her run...thats like saying hey M you cant drink but you can smoke pot even though they both make you nuts...S laughed and said yes M but she need s to own this we cant tell her what to so...so you know what folks I will prove them all wrong..i will follow my MP and I will run 5 days a week and I will not purge and I will win this war!!! hell yeah sista speak it!!!

Its still so hot here i cant stand it, its suppossed to cool down but hell this summer weather well rocks and sucks at the same time..you know I love the heat but shorts suck...

so anyway today was a good day except i got lost dropping the kids off to the moms work..drove around for like an hour...got lost trying to make my way from moms said work to Doc As and lost on my way back in total spent 3.5 hours in the car and missed lunch hence the massive snack i have to have tonight...ugh..well folks thats about it..I will prove them all wrong...i will persevere and i will win this war!!!!

Have faith in me folks i can do this. hope everyones day rocked out like mine did..off to h ave my super snack!!

Love, Z


PTC said...

Ooh, I've been quoted!! ;)

Glad you had a good sesh. It's going to be gross and rainy a bit tomorrow.

zubeldia said...

How about taking some snacks with you in the car for emergencies? Because of the sickness I'm having to eat whatever I can, whenever I can, and so I sneak in calories - a bit of a luna bar here and there, or half a shake between meals - and it's an easy way to increase intake without noting it too much. I find the BIG snacks so hard.

Keep chugging, babe. A life with an ed is just no life at all.
Love, Z

ps it's so nice to hear your healthy voice.

brie said...

I have faith in you, Z.

Dee said...

I think you will be ok Zena if you stick to what your providers are doing to help you to get better.

I do understand what you r going through...I do!

safe hugz

Zena said...

Yes PTC you have been qouted dont you feel special!!!


that exactly what S said to do to have an emergency stash in my car and you know what luna bars were on the list!!!

thanks for the support...it means allot...thankyou!!:)

Im gonna listen..if I dont I ll land my butt in the Hospital and that my friend is not something i want to do..thabks for being here!

So folks, I didnt get up at the crack of dawn to run this morning, yep no running for me...after coffee, breakfast soon to follow...I AM DOING THIS!@

Love, Z

PTC said...

I feel so special.

firefly said...

Hey Girl: Luna bars are suppossed to go with my hs snack. Funny why do n's use them so much? I had never heard of them until I went to mp. Do you think it would help on your non exercise days that you have your apts or some other structure.

lisalisa said...

hey Z, I'm glad you are doing better, you seem to really be turning things around! But you know what they say, when the goin gets tough, the tough get goin'!

belinda said...

I always have faith in you babe!


Jena said...

Glad you had a good day! It's nice to hear such hopefulness in your tone. Keep up the good work :)
Love ya. xoxo

Zena said...

hey guys...I am doing pretty well!! yesterday was hard but I did it. I am at my moms cause I dont have internet access at home right now...had a great morning run and breakfast right after!!!

Today is little mans birthday hes two!!! so today will be full of birthday celebration stuff... I will be havin my supplement when they are having cake but thats okay...Im prepared. I see S tomorrow...which is always fun...okay off to see whats going on with you guys!!!


firefly said...

Happy Birthday Little man Isiah. Snack challenge later? Tenish? Have a good day!

firefly said...

updates on luna bars. lol