Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A prayer...

"eat, that you may have strength when you go on your way" 1 sam 28:22

"Mighty father, thankyou for the gift of food. I pray for help in learning how to overcome this Eating Disorder. I know that is not your will for me to suffer this way. I love you and know you love me. Help me to follow your adomition to eat properly so that I will have strngth to follow you and serve you at all times.

Teach me to eat my bread with joy, because I know you are always faithful in supplying my daily bread and meeting all my needs. thankyou for your promise to supply all my needsd according to your riches in glory, through Christ Jesus. i claim this Promise as I ask youo to meet my need for healing for my Bulimia and or anorexia.

Help me to rememeber its not what I consume that defiles me. Instead it is what I speak that does so. Give me clear insights, and let your discreation preserve me. Father, I ask for your healing, your direction, your understanding and your keeping power. Let the power and deception of all eating Disorders be removed from my life. let their strongholds be pulled down now.

In christ I have been set free. Help me to stand fast in teh liberty you have provided for me from this eating disorder, So that I will never again be entangled with teh yoke of bondage to any kind of eating disorder. Thankyou for helping and healing me, dear GOD.

You are my refuge, father and underneath me are your everlasting arms. Thrust out the ememy and from before me at all times. Keep me from evil. thankyou for your healing power that is at work in me now. In the glorious name of Jesus I pray."

S gave this to me and I think we should all say it for ourselfs...we deserve it!!!

love, Z


Just Be Real said...

Zena, thank you for sharing your prayer concern here. I come in agreement with your prayer for yourself. I know it must be very difficult at times. Blessings dear one!

PTC said...

Hope you're doing okay tonight, Z

Telstaar said...

Wow that is an amazing prayer. Say it and believe it girl!!!

We have a strong Father who is FAR superior and has much greater strength then your eating disorder has, then all the past has over you, then all mental illness. Lean into him when you need strength as he as it in abundance and wants to pick you up and care for you so that one day he can dance with you!

Love you hun xoxo

CookieGirl said...

Hey you! Thanks so much for your comment. Hang in there...and I look forward to reading more : )

firefly said...

Z:Nice prayer!!!I think it is good to keep in mind. This is hard but you can do it!