Sunday, February 8, 2009

end of weekend post

so I thought I might give a little update on to how my weekend went. Well I spent ALL day saturday in bed. I was sick as hell...which threw off my eating which really sucked...and its been kinda hard to get back on track today I so far have had 2 small meals that no way makes up for how much I moved today...I scrubbed my house cause as you all know when women sleep men just like to lay around and let the kids DESTROY the thats what happened my house was destroyed.

its clean now!!! yeah!!!

laundry is done!!! yeah!!!

and I am feeling better!!! yeah!!!

M is making dinner right now, steak and potatoes....MAN FOOD!!! but I will eat it...

oaky M just read what I wrote and he wants me to add that he has also been sick for 8 LONG ASS days..and is still on the mend. we wont mention that he got me sick..the bastard...

It s been long for him but even longer for me:)

anyway we will be eating dinner soon and then doing A s homework...hopefullly watching the movie, "fire proof" which if you are in a marriage that needs work I hear is a great movie...Its a christian film but it makes sense for everyone.

Alyssa is going to florida in 12 days...with my sister, to visit my nana, whom is despertly awaiting to see my dear one...

we are talking about maybe seeing if we can take a trip to florida...and see if maybe we can go to Disney for a few days...maybe take some of our income tax money and just splurge..who knows its a thought...and a dam good one if you ask me..wouldnt that be a great way to celebrate recovery being real with my family..gosh I am getting excited just thinking about it!!!

well heres a sad side not and then I will conclude...M had his sperm tested and he has none due to the vesetomy...sad...cry...cause I think I want another baby..I know it would nt be good for me and my family as we cant afford it but I want it none the less...ahhhh sad ...cry..

Love, Z


PTC said...

I hope you're feeling better. Get back on track, babe. You can do it. Stay strong and feel better too. I know that's really the last thing you want to do when you're sick.

Telstaar said...


Being sick sucks, wanting a baby and not being able to have another sucks...

I'm glad you have M and your kids though.

Thankyou for everything

firefly said...

Hey Girl:So we were sick in bed together. AWW Disney World I'm so jelous. I only wish I could afford going back there.
I know it's hard getting back on track eating but you've got to do it. I had the same issue but since I went to program today it helped. Are you going to php tomorrow? How much longer are you planning on being there? Hang in there! I love you and keep rocking recovery!