Tuesday, February 17, 2009

S is back yahhhoooo!

I just had breakfast!!! Go me!!!

I am off to see S and I cant wait!!!

Wish me luck I will update as soon as I get home.

I have to take the kids with me so that will suck but A will wait in the waiting room and Z man is at camp so it will just be baby I in the room with me..ohhh I cant wait!!!

love, Z


Sarah said...

YAY for breakfast! YAY for S!

and YAY for you . . .



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PTC said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Zena said...

okay things went great!! we talked about EVERYTHING, my plan to stay om track, my dad..I cryed...my wise mind, my rational mind, how great and upbeat I looked and sounded..okay whatever...but still.
I love S I just love her she is able to open me up in a way that I cant describe. She kinda like breaks me open and sees inside of me. WE talked about my boundry issues..how its safer for me to get closer to perfect strangers then it is for me to get closer to my own family, most likely from the PTSD stuff from my father. WE talked about how I am going to have to really sit and think about where I want my relationship with my father to go..how I am going to tell him that I need to set boundries and to ask what he means by forgivng and forgetting the past. I cryed again. we talked about body image, where I want to be in a year, about the possibility of finding out who I am through maybe getting a JOB! about where I want to be physically in a year, how maybe I could try to exercise ...in a year..depending...over all she is pretty impressed on my progress..evern though I dont see much see says she sees leaps and bounds...so yeah for that!!!

Love, Z

PTC said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot too think about. Just take one thing at a time. I'm glad S is back for you. See, you didn't get fired.

Charro in 90 min. :)

Kristina said...


What an amazing appointment! And, this is from an outsider, I know, but it sounds as though you are so grounded and so ready to tackle these issues and look towards the future.
From someone who doubted that true recovery was possible and who is now exploring, whole-heartedly, what recovery is for herself, I'm so happy for you.

- Kristina
(formerly 'kb')

belinda said...

Flipping excellent Zena!
I knew you could do it :)