Friday, February 6, 2009

Who Rocks??

well I do of course!!!

yeah baby I am kicking this Ed shit all over the place...last night went great dinner, snack NO PURGING!!!!

I knew I could do it and I knew you all believed in me too...thankyou!!!

I spoke with S last night ( well emailed) and it went well, ahe is going away this weekend so I wont be leaning on her...she has me comeing back the 17th of hopefully that means PHP will be OVER!

I am getting a little sick of it anyway...I will most definately miss teh girls but I need to move on with my life you know...anyway M had dinner with last night even though he felt ill all cause I used my voice and told him I needed support...another reason why I am rocking it!!!

so whats been going on...lets see

Z man had a horriable asthma attack on wenesday...we had to go to the doc for txs (nebulizer) and his O2 level went back up after just one treatment ..thankgod!

M has been sick in bed since sunday...which really sucks for him and me...cause a) he has been no help on the food front...and b) he has felt liek shit and thats no fun for anyone.

the baby is talking a little more he says "I dont know" which sounds like Idunno...but I know what he means and its so cute...ask him where his coat is and you get Idunno. awwww its just the sweetest.

A has been doing great she is a real trip you as hell she is, the other day she said to me and M you wont be able to spell out words forever ...I learing how to read. we were like uhhhh well then...what will we do when she knows everything we are saying..cripes we will have to move to sign the bedroom.

So folks things are looking up and I dont hate my body as much today...dont like it very much but at least the loathing has some what subsided...I mean I dont want to slice off any body parts today...which is always good!!!

okay folks have a great day..for sure I am going to try to.

Love, Z


PTC said...

Nice job, Z-woman. Sounds like you're having a good day. You need to bottle that up and keep it handy when you aren't having the best of days.

Just Eat It! said...

I'm so very proud of you! A job well done, I must say. :)

belinda said...

kick ass job darling!
this is fabulous and of course i knew you could do it, you are flipping strong my girl!! :)


firefly said...

Aren't good days great? It's so great to see you being able to focus on other stuff. It sounds like you are really enjoying the kids. A is so smart better take stuff to the bedroom but make sure she isn't on the other side of the door listening.(I used to do that!)I'm glad Z man is ok. The little one sounds so precious.
Is m really sick or is it from other stuff? It seems like he gets "sick" alot. Have you started marriage therapy yet? I love you so much! Rock on!

Zena said...

thanks guys!!!

I was sick all day in bed yesterday which ED was thrilled about but I didnt let him win I ate despite my overwhelming desire to say ///too sick to eat...I just munched on dry cereal and chicken broth..I will post a propper update later..tahnks for the support!!!

Love, Z