Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disagree and Disobey

now we all now I hear loud Ed voices screaming at me like every min. of the day, the first step to overcomeing this and working toward recovering would be to disagree with the ED voice( can you tell i have been reading life without ED...again.

ED: YOU are FAT, you need to starve

ME: I know you are right

ED: Okay so no food

ME: BUT...


ME: NO ED, I am not fat, I dont need to starve

ED: No you are fat

ME: Iknow...

this scenerio plays out over and over in my head every day, now teh key to winning this is teh disobeying part cause although I might not always disagree with teh Ed voice, it is always my choice to disobey, so folks that was what I did this morning, Ed was screaming inmy ear and I disobeyed, I still believe I am fat, but I dont have to follow Eds rules and for this moment I didnt.

Thats all i can ask for one moment free of Ed at a time

Today I Disobeyed...DO I still feel bet...but do I feel i gained just a little power back this morning....yes...yes I do!!

Love, Z


Feisty Frida said...

KICK that ED voice to the CURB!!!


joann said...

ED is a liar, a worm that penetrates our heads, you're over it <3

belinda said...

hey babe!
love to hear your fighting spirit :)
feeling fat, is just a feeling (a bloody horrid one at times).. but, that's all it is, you know.. the BEST thing you can do, in your life, is disobey that voice that tells you to starve and i promise, yes, i PROMISE, it gets quieter with time.

i still have fat days/moments, oh yeah, and they suck BUT it isn't the constant yelling like it used to be.

good for you for fighting back.
how are things on the home front?

big love,

PTC said...

Good job, Z.

Dee said...

it's your abuser values talking...say your positive affirmations.

safe hugz!

Anonymous said...

I never actually read Life without Ed, but in tx I learned the Disagree- Disobey thing and I try to use it too...I do find it gives me so much power back from my ed.

This is awesome Z!
It is one step at a time!

Our ED's are liars and manipulators and they prey on our weaknesses...we have to take back as much as we can, when we can.

Zena said...

I did it again today folks I had a boost and I will meet M at work to have another at 5...this is hard but I need to get healthy...

Love, Z

lisalisa said...

WOOT! I disagreed with ED last night and had a McFlurry! I highly recommend it! YOu can do this Z! Dont give up!