Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zacks been Attacked

So heres what makes my life just super uber wonderful you know, i get back with my apt. with K last night around 6:30 and as my mom shoves my dinner in my face...she proceded to tell me Z man was in a little accident but hes fine it stopped bleeding...i start to choke on my potatoe and say what..."it stopped bleeding??"..."yes " she says "i think hes fine...hes playing right now"...okay okay...."so sit and eat your dinner I got to go"

So I sit and choke down my second meal of the day and wonder why Zacks head looks like its still bleeding...but alas crap happens...Alyssa stole the rest of the cake from Zack and Zack is freaking out and the baby wants to be held and here i am still pondering how many calories I have just eaten...So I quickly jump up from my ED haze and grab alyssa...grab the crumbs of the cake that are by this time hitting the floor...pry Zack man off of Alyssa, he then procedes to throw himself onto the floor Im sure just furthering his injury.... I grab the baby take him to the car, strap him in....drag Alyssa to the car strap her back in the house grab Zack throw him over my shoulders and carry his bum to the car...Alyssa jumps out of the car, cause I carried her brother and this 60 pound child wants me to carry her i grab her throw her over my shoulder and into the car...buckle up I yell!!

i know I know you are all probally thinking what about his head....well with all teh chaos i didnt even think of the head til we got home....and you know what, I looked at him and was like "shit", hes bleeding. SO I carefully pull of the baidaid with him screaming like a maniac...."NO NO NO!!!!" and what do my wondering eyes behold a 2cm gapeing wound in the center of my beautiful boys forehead. How my mother couldnt see this as a problem is beyond me but I ll go there another day. So I grab teh boy throw soem PJs on him grab his flip flops and head to the ER....where we are asked all sorts of questions I guess they I have to be sure I wasnt the one who threw him on the deck...good thing he right out told them his sister did it. or maybe I would be writting this from jail instead of my messy house...hmmmmmm....jail now that s a thought how bad could that be.....anyway... we wait...and we wait and his head is bleeding and he is hungry so I get him some chips and his head is still bleeding and finally they call us in. and we wait some more...and we start to sing the "this old man he palyed one ...he played nick knack on my thumb" know the rest. I was hopeing if we were really loud they would just fix us quickly and go home but alas they must have liked my singing voice cause we sat in the "express" room for 35 min.

Finally the good doc came in and examined my poor boys head and said i think we can glue it!!!...yeah NO STITCHES!!! so that is just what they did they glues my boys head back to gether just like humpty dunpty...and now hes all put back together again!!

So yeah that was our fun night in the is fun and for sure never boring in our house. And as a little side note I must say its aweful strange being in the ER when its not for me....thankgod for small favors

Love, Z


Tri Thin said...

I guess there was fun in ER for both of us last night! - glad your little boy is ok

PTC said...


Just Eat It! said...

Oh my goodness, I'm glad he'll be all right.

joann said...

grasp the 'little positives' xxx

belinda said...

what a nightmare
glad things turned out ok.

thinking of you hon
(and i am reading, just not always replying)

love you,

Dee said...

omg Zena...u r to funny....either that you are manic! I'm glad the little guy is ok.

safe hugz!

Michele said...

That so reminds me of a number of trips to the ER with my five while they were growing up. Might make a good post. hmmmm. Anyway, you have my good wishes that your trips to the ER are few and far between. One good thing about kids is they keep us from focusing on our own little problems. ha! Michele

Zena said... are funny Im not manic..just a little crazy:)

Love, Z

Telstaar said...

:) gotta love those days!

I reckon I should be given frequent flyer points for airports and for emergency depts because I seem to take sooo many people there!

It is funny the number of times people want me to go and I refuse but I end up taking people all the time.

Gotta love comfy ed chairs :S

Glad the lil man is okay hun


lisalisa said...

What a crazy day! Times like that make me want to reach for a xanax! That's nice that there were no stitches though :)

firefly said...

no staples. Glad it's ok

firefly said...

Hay Girl: Happy Mother's Day! How are things going? Take care!

belinda said...

hope you had a lovely mothers day!

big hugs.x

firefly said...

Something tells me you aren't doing that great because you haven't blogged. I'm hoping that I'm wrong but I'm worried!Take care!