Sunday, August 22, 2010

My new Pad :)

okay so you all know me and pic posting dont go captions never come up under my lets play a game...I will post the pics and you figure out what pic is what room:)
1 is my Kitchen, 2 are of my boys chilaxing when they first woke up in our living room ( alyssa was still asleep), 1 is of my "work" space..hmmm is that my blog up there:), and there is one of well part of thier playroom...there are also 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but I dont feel like taking anymore pics, beside blogger only lets me post 5 at a time for some resaon...its probably me but oh well...okay now GUESS!!!

love, Tara


firefly said...

Looking good. The top one was hard at first. I like the old fashioned desks!

Emmy said...

wow, it looks gorgeous!

Inside the Mind of a... said...

LOVE THE DESKS and the pictures/posters/above them :)

Alexandra Rising said...

I love the little school desks!

And the place itself looks so nice!

Congrats, Tara!