Sunday, August 8, 2010

and the Bible says it best!

Is not all human life a struggle? Job 7:1

I struggle as we all do...

God is with me (us), God loves me (us), God is on my (our) side.

I will not not give up on my struggle!

" Now if there were no mountains, Lord I might forget to pray. If there were no trials, I might even stray. Lord dont move that mountain, just give me the strength to climb, and dear Lord dont forget to remind me you walk beside all the way."

My life it seems as have many others have been nothing but mountains, I am forever seeming to climb and slide back down. But that is life, The declaration of Independence states that we were given the right to life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness, it said nothing about a GUARANTEE for happiness. And really what is it that would make me happy? Wealth. Health. Freedom. No sorrow. No pain. Thinness. Perfection. What if I had all those things and I was still sad? What if none of that would bring me peace? Clearly I have had some of those things and was still miserable, so what I must doo is just keep climbing. Every mountain that I reach I will climb knowing my joy comes in the satisfaction of reaching the top. There will always be some mountain to climb, there will always be some struggle, but I will continue on my pursuit....of happiness, life, joy, peace and freedom and I will take solace in knowing that even if I never achieve those things here on earth, heaven will be all the sweeter when I arrive (50+ yrs from now). I will no longer cry that my struggles are to much to bare, that the pain is to great and that I cant possiablly survive, God will help me through, he is walking beside me, so though I am weary and weak and I struggle ..."Is not all human life a struggle? Job 7:1" yep it is, Im no different then the rest of the world...except I KNOW God is on my side.
and he is on yours too.

I struggle but its okay.

God will see me through.

I will be better then okay.

I will climb my mountains.

and I will be glad that they are there because the view from the top is sure to be amazing...(even though Iam afraid of heights...god will see me through that too :) )

Love, Tara


Bailey said...

thank you for your optimism. while not a particularily religious person, I firmly believe good hope in and off itself is the most sincere prayer. hold strong :]

firefly said...

You are so right God will see us through. The biggest test is believing this everyday and fighting for happiness!

Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

You will make it through. I believe you can.

And you deserve all the happiness you can find, all that is here in this world.



Eating Alone said...

Your afraid of heights? You should come and live in FL, nothing is high.

Glad you've shifted the thoughts to this. I know you will do great in life.