Monday, August 2, 2010

If I were a Tree..

My roots would be deep and keep me grounded

I would soak my nutrients from the soil of the Earth

My water would come from the heavens

I would flourish and bring forth fruit

I would create oxygen and give life


I am not a Tree

I am not grounded

water scares me

What gives me nutrients scares me

I can bare no fruit

I can not breath

and so

I am




the end


firefly said...

Awww You must get nutrients. I'm having difficulty with the fluids right now too. Hang in there and know I'm thinking of you

Eating Alone said...

I hope you are getting nutrients. You need them to be strong and fight. Fluids will help you feel better. Your body needs water. Please go and have a big glass for me right now......


I'm waiting....

Good. Now don't your feel better?

Zena said...

thankyou both but Im just afraid, I am afraid of the month of september and now something is happening and as important as it is for it to happen, I am deathly afraid...Im panicky all the time, and so uneasy, my eating disorder is not the solution, I know that, but nothing seems to take away the anxiety like it does, I will not relaspe, I cant...but it is so alluring, I have talked with S about (on friday) but in todays session I changed the subject everytime she brought it is so crucial right now I not waver, but...yet I find myself...drawn back into the deception...anyway..David, i will go have that water now...its been to mant days without it...its raining bad I am not a tree...sigh

珍盈洪 said...


Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

Please get the nutrients you need. And in a way, you are a tree. You are very strong and I believe in you and your growth. Have a glass of cold water for me, won't you?
Some day you will flower again, amazing all of us. You can, you know. Keep trying, that's all we ask. Don't give up. I'm struggling with some of this too, and I kept telling myself, just don't give up.

{{{gentle hugs}}}