Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Key to a sunday morning...

3 beautiful children.

1 sunny morning.

2 cups of flour.

2 tablespoons sugar

some baking powder..

a little salt..

2 tablespoons vegtable oil.

warm maple syrup.

waking up knowing that making pancakes with your children, is a memory that you just created ( again:)

Alyssa is pouring the batter onto the skillet,

Isaiah mixed the batter...

and zack is sleeping on the couch ( hopefully the smell will make him up soon)!

I believe the Key is not the Sun, nor the pancakes, but its my kids, they are the Key to this morning, the key to every morning to come...and yes they are the only ones who have the key to my heart.

Happy Sunday Guys, may your morning be filled with sunshine, pancakes and love!!

Love, Tara

ps tried to post a pic of alyssas pancakes but my photo option seems to have disappeared..what up with dat?


Emmy said...

This made me smile :) what a lovely Sunday morning! I think I might make some chocolate chip pancakes for my friends (and myself) now. xoxo

Lisa said...

i'm going to echo emmy! I hope the rest of your day goes just as well!!

take care!

jadedchalice said...

you are such a beautiful person

Tia said...

Thank you for your beautiful and very thoughtful reply to my post. I am glad you took the time to write to me and it really touched my heart that you passed on the things you've learned about parenting with an ED. I feel less guilty and somehow more connected, that you know what I'm going through. Thank you again, i will be following your blog! take care, xoxo tia @ dietcolagirl

Zena said...

You are all such wonderful people...

emmy, I hope those pancakes were kids like them plain (or with ice cream:))

Lisa, thankyou darling, it was a success I think at least by my standards :) you take care too please!!!

you just made me really...and the fact that you meant WHO I am and not what i look like...that just meant so much. xoxox

Im so glad you found it somewhat happens...moms in recovery...havefaith you will get there...its a process, and I can see you have the strength to get there.

Love to you all that such a thing:)

belinda said...

love love love this