Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I2 days

its a wonder what 12 days of nutrition will do...I had some great groups ate some really scary food and gained three pounds and a llot of knowledge. I feel really good physically, mentally still not that great but I am more clear headed and aware of what is going on...I start php tomorrow so I am doing the step down program, I havent purged in nearly 2 weeks and I am really proud of that...I will up date more later just wanted to let you all know I am alive and doing well

Love, Z


PTC said...

Welcome back, Z! I hope you can keep on the getting well wagon. What's a php program?

belinda said...

My little darling honey,
You have been in my thoughts for each and every one of those 12 days my love.

I can hear how much better you are doing, just in this post. I am so so happy for you and proud that you are taking the necessary steps.

Welcome back!
Can't wait to hear from you again soon. I missed you.

Biggest love,

firefly said...

I've missed you girl. text me.It's a wonder what good nutrition will do.I'm glad to hear that your are in the repairing phase in some msny areas of your life. I think it is good that you and M are getting help for your relationship. Love ya like a rock star