Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am really doing it

today is the fifth day since leaving IP that I have followed my MP 100% I am so freaking proud of myself and I owe it partly to you all have been so encourging...I thank all of you.


I was watching this program on the food network called, well shit I cant remember what is was called but anyway it talked about the "calorie Rastriction diet", that it will help you to live Resembles Anorexia, Is it just to control ones food ...well duh..yes she is so controling her food. She wieghs every thing down to the .01 ounce. She had a birthday cantaloupe, no cake, just a big old fruit with candles in it...Now I am an admitted Anorexic/Bulimic and well I could use it as an a excuse that it will help me live longer to restrict, except I know it will kill me...where is the logic?? what do you guys think??

Love, Z


belinda said...

firstly, congratulations darlin!!
i am so proud of :)
i am smiling from ear to ear to read you say that you too, are proud of yourself. i love you!!

re: the program
that sounds absolutely ridiculous. i cannot believe such insane claims. you know better. this really just sounds like a crazy diet, there are heaps of them & they all claim to a healthier longer life.

there is one thing i am thankful for (from going through AN) and that is, diets are all bullshit! it is about regular healthy & well balanced meals. that's it. restriction leads to binging & negative feelings about oneself.

i hate the diet industry.

to end on a positive note
did i tell you that already? ;)
i'm glad we can do this together. you are amazing!



Zena said...

Thankyou my dear B,
the program just really pissed me off...SHe was clearly controlling hers and her husbands food but I was wondering if I am the only one who thought it was odd...anywho just finished my healthy and well balanced lunch and am feeling a might sick but I know it will pass...I am so happy we can do this TOGETHER!!!!!

love, Z

belinda said...

i'm joining you for a healthy breakfast.
thank you Z :)


Zena said...

Go Belinda GO!!!!!

love ya always makes it easier, I have taken to having it at all three


zubeldia said...

hey babe, so glad you're doing well!! That's so wonderful, honey.

re: Calorie restriction.. Well, there is some evidence that calorie restriction will extend your life. BUT BUT this is not starvation... it's a very mechanical view of food and IS NOT FOR PEOPLE with a hx of eds. For sure, I am betting there are plenty of CR people who really are using it for a guise for their eds.. but from what I know it is very different than a clinical ed. They eat a decent amount still, honey... and it's no where near anorexic levels. They also emphasize optimal nutritional....

I am sure it can look a lot like orthorexia... but, again, I don't think the majority of them are doing CR to deal with emotions... most are geeky men :)

Keep doing it, honey.

Zena said...

I have missed you girlie, and I am sure as I havent been "around" in quite some time you missed the real me too.

How are you feeling darling??

RE: calorie restriction

I definately think it is a rouse for an ED, last night it was a women and a man...I just think it was scary as in like they were makeing it some glamour thing...the man looked emaciated 123 pounds and 6 feet 3in now thats AN...the women looked healthy but I think she was pregnant...which I think is definatlely dangerous doing CR.

Love, Z

zubeldia said...

I could honestly see why it would look like an ed. I actually know two people who do CR and they definitely don't have eds. Remember they always show the extremes in these shows (I'm watching it now, as it happens). They might meet the 'weight criteria' for eds but the other stuff = the bodily distortion, etc - is not there. it's really interesting... BUT BUT BUT never for an ed person.

I'm doing well, honey. How's your Sunday been? Are you back to PHP tomorrow?

Zena said...

back to PHP weekend has been great I followed my MP without restriction and that to means everythings far along are you now??


zubeldia said...

Almost 4 months!!! Did I send you the link to my new baby blog? I sent it out last night and was sure I wrote your email address down... But let me know!!

PTC said...

I'm glad that you are doing so well. Keep it up!!

Thanks again for your words!!


Zena said...

I didnt get an email but I would love know me and babies!!!! I am so happy for you I could just giggle with joy, as you know I have been throughthe process 3 times so if there is any thing I can do to ease any fears you might have just let me know...much love to you.

no problem babe, you deserve to be free of this ED just remember you are WORTH fighting for...and we are all here to support you!!

love, Z

Anna said...

I've read the book on calorie restriction. It's definitely not an ED thats for sure. Just a different way to eat. It's interesting, and it makes sense in a way. it'd be nice to see if it makes people live longer...