Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Food sucks

i am so fat and will never eat again

thats it

Iam a cow

no comments please this is the honest truth and I am gross

No food EVER


So I ran faster but you caught me here. said...


I sat here, staring at the computer screen, for quite a few minutes - not knowing whether to respect your request for no comments, but wondering if that was enabling your ED.

(..clearly I decided on the latter..)

I'm not going to argue over your feelings, because they are YOURS and feelings are valid and you entitled to your own.


I did this exercise with a therapist once where I wrote out two columns: "What I Say" and "What I Mean". For example, and I am pulling this right off the page, I wrote that when I say "I feel fat" what I really mean is: I feel I am too much and all of me is wrong.

There is quite a long list, and it was really, really helpful for me to figure out the messages I continue to give myself behind the comments about weight, size and food.

Do you think this is something that you could possibly work on with your t?


Zena said...


I love you thankyou

I am sorry to say I gave into Ed and have been purging my dinner for the last hour...I will work on that with my T...she will be happy to hear i have some new ideas..we are working on some dad trauma stuff and its hard very hard...we only have one session this week cause she has a conference on friday and i need her...

I need to lose a bucket load of wieght ir ED says i will be a failure..and his voice is the only one i hear right now....

love Z

firefly said...

Your ed is going to get out of control, so you can't work on the underlying dad stuff. You really want to die? I'm concerned. You need to be reaching out to your team. Not letting an get out of control.Think of all the good times you were able to enjoy this summer, the wedding etc. Think about your kids.