Saturday, October 11, 2008


oh my so much drama so so much drama for this poor mama or my poor A should I say...lets see...wenesday we went to the pumpkin patch, we had a great time they got to go down a under ground slide, play with the animals and of course pick out a 26 pound pumpkin, we had a great day til we left. A didnt want to leave she started to throw a fit, i thought she was in the van but alas not all of her was...her wrist was not in the van so when I, yes I slammed the door her poor little wrist was there and whammo caught in the door. Scheeches ensued for the 40 min drive home as I rushed her to the ER for x rays...nothing broken just contusions oh and a possiable growth plate they splint it up, wrap it up and she looked like a pathetic little half zombie wrapped in cloth, oh my poor A, she was up all night wenesday crying in stuff let me tell you.

SO that was #1... here goes number 2 for the poor the A, No school yesterday and I had a T apt so lets just say the fun has to start there. I dropped the kiddies off at my sisters where she has a nice yard and it is OCTOBER...who'd a thunk there would be an attack of gianormous BEES...swarms... she must have rolled around in them cause the was attacked 8 stings in all, they were stuck in her clothes that we ripped off her poor swollen body and off course as she sat there naked screaming that they were eating her we tried to calm her down, to no avail she freaked. She cryed and screamed " why god ?? why did you make bees?? " so sad so very sad. SO shes naked and I call the Doctor AGAIN...what should I do I ask..Benadreyl and tylonal and hydrocortizone. SO I throw a match box 20 t shirt on her ( my sisters favo band ) with her cute little black boots ( she looked like a hooker ) A swollen little hooker poor thing...and we drive to the the pharmacy get all her meds and drive the poor little bee layden thing home...poor A..she is surviving I on the other hand am a nervous wreck I mean what else could happen what could be the #3...hmmmm let me see...

Oh yeah so I saw S yesterday and that was fun , i knew I should have cancelled I just knew it.... " that s hospital behavior" she says... what? I say " laying on the couch all day and NOT eating is what brings you to the hospital" well I have no more IP days left, I say So I am safe til january...and you know what she says " youll be dead by then" SO there it is folks the #3...death.

oh and my dishwasher just broke

could it get any better...Im a thinking not!!!!

Love, Zena


Zena said...

just had some eggwhites with cheese and Im a thinking death might be a better option ...then eating...blahhhh this sucks

belinda said...

awww honey
there is so much pain in your blog right now. is M supporting you through this battle?
i love you and i think about you all the time. miss you cupcake

firefly said...

Send ms. A my speedy recovery thoughts! The joys of parenthood. Zena, you love your little kids that's reason enough to keep going forward in recovery. Yes, it's hard but must be done. You can do it! Go Zena!!!!