Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SO ... who is talking here?

Thats what I got asked today...well duh...Im talking...at leats my mouth is moving and words are coming out. SO she says it again "WHO IS TALKING HERE?"

"YOU OR ED"???

"OH" I say

"Oh" says S

and I sit and think about it and Im not really sure I mean we ( Ed and I) are so intertwined its hard to say where I start and ED ends or visa vera...which is my Ed voice and which is the sane Tara, the one that knows not eating all day is wrong and goes against nature or the one that wants her treadmill back cause she swears she wont abuse it this time...Who the Hell is talking here??

So I sat and we talked about it and you know what ED does most of my talking for me, shit he does most of my thinking and things get so twisted in my mind that forget what is real...what it is that I want out of life and i can asure its more then Ed has to offer...SO how to decifefer??Hmmmmmmm that is a toughie cause I have to be incrediably mindful of when I am talking Ed bull shit and when I am talking you know life stuff...I guess I am going to require some help in that department

So I am calling in the troops ...everyone you guys included :) So If i start talking about how I wiegh 5003 pounds and I am never eating again know that is not me cause I know that I have to eat to live and for sure I want to live I mean I have three incrediabley awesome kiddos who are the cutest things you ever did see, not that I am bragging but my gosh they are adorable!!!

Anyway about those cute kiddos..I am getting ready to pick th eoldest one off the school bus but first a little about halloween.

I love hallowween cause my kiddies are so cute...A is going to be the infamous Hannah Montana, Z is going to be a blue Power Ranger and I is going to be a horsey, last night we tried the babys costume on him and he wouldnt let us take it off for like an hour..it was so funny and then well Ill just tell this little tid bit so you can see how crack up it is in my house, there is this kiddie show on the Nick channel called Icarlie...its funny for a kid show anyway they do this thing where they all yell and lift up there shirts and rub there bellies and last night standing in my kitchen all three of my kids were doing just that yelling whowhowho... and rubbing thier naked tummies only the little one was wearing a onsie and could lift his shirt up he kept pulling at it and pulling at it...it was hysterical...we finally unhooked it for him and he lifted up his shirt laughing and rubbing his belly ( hes only 17 months) yelling wheeeeeeee... I swear I almost died of laughter..I have got to figure out how to post pics cause geez I am being selfish my keeping there good looks all to myself ;)

Love, Z

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