Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fat Cow

thats what I am a fat fucking cow!!!!!!!

I have a wedding to go to in 1 hour and I am feeling like a big ass fucking cow.

My dress is

trigger alert

a size 6

yep and I can barely zip it

fucking refeeding

fucking food

fucking body the betrayer


I cant go to this wedding

Im going to cry, I can feel it

my new mantra is suppossed to be " A BIGGER SIZE IS WORTH IT IF i DONT LIVE IN CHAOS" Well S I dont think so




zubeldia said...

hi honey, I'm so sorry that I've not been aroudn this week. I've been thinking of you, love...

Yes, refeeding. a Size 6 is small, honey, and while you're no doubt used to smaller sizes 6/8 are small sizes.

Thinking of you, sweetheart. How was the wsdding?

And I like the mantra :)

Zena said...

thanks Z,
I am still feeling horriable body hate but the wedding was fun and beautiful...and yes the food was fantastic...but I hate my body and want it despertly to change...

please god let it change


firefly said...

Zena: I'm glad you had a good time at the wedding. You were able to enjoy it. I get the body self hate. I think that is always the last thing to go. Tell me I'm right here folks. I'm just glad you are here because a few months ago you couldn't be there and enjoying your kids. I love you and recovery is worth it!!!!!

belinda said...

zena honey
i love you & miss you.
dont let a size rule you - i have so many sizes in my wardrobe varying from small to xlarge (depending on brand/style).

you are not a number honey!