Saturday, August 15, 2009

so I realized...part 2

I broke up with Ed along time ago and I am not going back not even for a day...we dont mesh day with him leads to a life of hell!!! ummmmm so not worth it...yeah really SO NOT WORTH IT...

So yesterday after i met with S "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS" is what I came away with and she said I talk a good game but ummm flounder on the actions I went homme and had lunch...berries and yogurt..yummo!! snack around 4 and dinner at chuck e cheess casue my kids hada birthday party there so yes dinner was pizza!!!

So I told ED to fuck off I didnt need him any more...and although I dont entirely believe it...I am going with my rational and wise mind and its telling me I knwo the truth and I am sticking to it...

O I had a laspe in happens to the best of us...but I have regained my wise mind and am ummm ate even though it was fucking hard its not as hard as living with ED...this I kow for sure so instead of being a willfull ED chic...I am being the wise mother that my kids so need and any minute...lunch with kiddies..beach...and cleaning and umm it looks like a BBQ is in order as its suppossed to be HOT!!!

tommorrow teh last of Z mans birthday partys and hoffmans and it looks like it will be HOT for that too...busy weekend NO time for ED buzz off I have a life!!!

and Im not taking any of your crap!!!

oh yeah cheer me on a and join the "NO ED BAND WAGON" Im on board...whos with me??

Love you all my peeps



Eating Alone said...

Hoffmans? We have one of those down here, but it sells chocolate and icecream. Probably not what you had in mind. I'm glad your finding your wise mind. I still haven't finished the homework on that yet.

lisalisa said...

I'm with you sister! hooray for an Ed free life! said...

Keep reading this post over and over again!

I want to say "Yeah I'm with you!" but I can't say it enthusiastically like that right now. I'm more like, "Yes, I know coming is the right answer so I'll come because I *know* it's' the right answer.... but I'm not sure I want to come, but I know I don't want to stay behind with the ED either so.... okay, I'll come too.. by process of elimination, it has to be the right answer"

Let me get a few more normal days under my belt and I'll try commenting again!

Thanks for all the energy and motivation you've supplied in the last bit! I'm grateful. said...

How are YOU (!!!!!) doing, my dear?

Flushed said...

That's right sistre, You tell him!!

Eek, it's tough hearing "the truth" sometimes! But you take it in stride like a real champ :) stay positive and work on finding an interest/hobby/whatever and spending an hour making Tara happy!!

You deserve the best.


belinda said...

as always hon,

keep fighting
love you