Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Im not pregnant, didnt know that was a worry of mine, well it totally was, we have slept together like 15 or 16 time since the last 2.7 weeks and I was late ( as usual) as was panicking I was pregnant, can you imagine, I cant, totally, I just I mean Im really fertile even though I am NEVER regular, and he apparently has super sperm so the thought of haveing a child not married, having an affair and dealing with all those repercussions was and is not something I want to deal with...I mean we are protecting ourselves but still shit happens and I dont believe in abortion, he knows that, can you imagine that happening, omg I would die..Im drunk, but just wanted to say, thank the good lord Im not with child, for numerous reasons! 1) Im not pregnant 2) I couldnt be drunk if I were 3)I dont have to deal with all the horriableness if I were pregnant and 4) I dont have to get a fatter cause IM NOT pregnant!!!!!!!

okay Im having another drink to celerbrate...what you gonna do??

Love you all



firefly said...

Think about repercussions. I'm worried for you. Keeping you in my prayers. Busy doing God's work right now!!!

Angela E. Lackey said...

Please be careful. Not just about pregnancy, but with your heart. I'm worried about you too. I am praying for you.


In the Pink said...

Be kind to yourself.