Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Im Home

seeing a little more clearly..

Dealing with horrific nightmares, due to no longer self medicating, and things once again resurfacing ( OH JOY)

Im home, thank god

back to trying to make things okay

It was a much needed break .... learning how to self care again was very important...Im trying...

Im trying, flat this morning...

but much better then I was

Tired I think

Drinking coffee with no splenda

I will post a real post soon...

just wanted to let everyone know Im going to be okay, and yes I am home

oh and 10 days no smokes



:) :) :)

Love, Tara


battleinmind said...

I'm so so happy to hear your hospital stay worked well for you. Really great to hear your back home, you've been on my prayer list.

flaweddesign said...

i'm glad you're back. i hope it helped. i missed you on here. i resist psych wards for just those rules, no smokes, no splenda, and here only decaf coffee. no privacy, cameras all over.

i really hope you can sustain some of the changes you made there.

glad you're in a better headspace, i was worried. do you have a therapist that you'll be seeing?

Zena said...

Thank you both so much, it really means allot that I was missed and being prayed for...never can have to much prayer:)

Jules, I do have a T and pdoc and D that I see every week actually I see my T 2xs a week, I am in a better head space but I have been made so much more aware of what a long road I have ahead of me...Im sure I even actually even stated why I was going into the hospital...Trauma, Deep depression, Anxiety, abuse of alcohol, oh and the clincher, I took a handful of clonipin and washed it down with a pint and a half of vodka, Im lucky Im still here, I wasnt trying to off myself I just was trying to sleep, something that had eluded me for days, but its considered an attempt and that well either I went in voluntarily or they would certify me...yup so I went in, once I got there I knew it was where I needed to be, but it still sucked to be locked up...right decision, but still very hard...anyway I will soon blog about whats going on...like my physco ex in laws taking me to court for visitation of my kids, yeah thats happening april 1st, but it deserves its own post...okay lovelies thankyou so much



Angela said...

I'm so happy you took the time to take care of yourself! I've been praying for you. It will get better.

Please continue to take care of yourself. You deserve a full, wonderful, joyful life!!!



firefly said...

Glad you are back. I checked in most days and tonight had these little cards with sayings on them was going to mail to mother since I don't have your address.