Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bloggers Block/Fuck Faces

There are words swirling around in my head, tons and tons of words, but when I go to put them "down" they get stuck, stuck in my head, just swirling around with no where to go but to drive me mad! Im am going to try to get it out at least some of it, I am going to try to break it down:

The x in laws:

March first, I texted them that we were having a small family party for Alyssa's 8th birthday and invited them to come....Backdrop...Alyssa didnt have a friend party because they told her they wouldnt come to it, she deceided on a family party, in hopes they would attend at least I text them, inviting them to the party, they respond, "we will be unable to attend, we will take her and give her, her present a different day"...Alyssa was devastated, she was crying and wanted to speak with them, so she called, they informed her "they had something else to do", I text them back, what is wrong with you, why wont you come to alyssas birthday party, again they text back with the something else to do BS, I was pissed at this point because really if you cant change your plans ( which now that I see the whole picture there were no other plans) for your 8 yr oldf grand daughters birthday then you are a fuck face and should be slapped, Alyysa is sobbing and really upset this whole time, which really fueled my intense anger, I texted them back you are selfish and clearly have other reasons, but "if you change your mind your mind you are still welcome" response, alyssa is devastated, she calls they upset her AGAIN, I get on the phone yelling (in my room ) what is wrong with you, you are her last connection to her father and you cant be there for her, taking her out a different day isnt good enough, its not what she wants...Big Dilhole interupts and says ( heres where I lose my shiz) "well YOU must understand we BLAME YOU for Michaels death, and WE dont want to be around YOU" I lost It, was swearing, tried to say my piece and they hung up...I was shaking and crying and convulsing all because I INVITED them to MY daughters Birthday. I eventually pull it together and text the fuck faces and tell them " obviously you cant put aside, YOUR feelings for what is in alyssas best interest, you are selfish and no longer allowed to see my children." MInd you I was flipping pissed, hurt, fustrated, scared, shamed, guilt ridden, angry, you name I was feeling it, BUT even with what they said to me, I ofcourse know what is best for my children is to HAVE a relationship with thier grandparents (even though it has for the last yr been a sporadic and superficial one)....they never text me back they say thats not fair, they dont fight me on it, which just fuels my assumption, that the kids are not that important to them and I am a murderer. Fast foward to March 10th, my daughters birthday, I hear from them in a certified letter sent from family court, yes they took me to court and had the summons delivered on my daughters birthday, they are suing me for visitation. This all in my oppinion could have been worked out if they had communicated with me but thats not how these passive aggressive fuck faces work, they said awful things about me in their petition, namely I have anorexia/bulimia/bipolar, and they need to be awarded visitation " to ensure their grandchildrens safety and well being" lets just be honost here...they dont even know who their teachers are, their doctors, ANYTHING that happens in their daily life, they know NOTHING and Help NONE, they pick them up take them some where to play for an hour, get them dinner and bring them home every other week at the most,made me they lied in the petition, they made me out to be crazy and they called me a murderer!

Yes I am pissed.

I have court at 9 am on friday, My sister is an attorney so she is taking care of thing, I have the kids doctor involved and most likely nothing will take place on fri, it will be ajorned unless they agree to my terms which cause they are fucks will probably just fuck me around for a while, still my anxiety is through the bloody roof, Im a hot mess on the inside, but Im trying ( successfully) not to let it pour through onto my children, I dont speak poorly on their grandparents, I dont talk about them at all and either do they, they havent seen them in over a month and they dont seem to care, but what eves I have to deal with this, one more bloody thing, plus the whole you killed him thing....been working for over a yr to rid myself of the "what ifs" and all the guilt that goes along with it and they actually believe that its my fault....which led to the not sleeping for days and the "over dose"....

I will continue this post, later on, I think its gonna take some time to continue with this, and my darlings need to get ready, we have a pine wood derby race for Zacks Boy Scouts...think mini cars, mini race track, lots of little boys...he had to help make the car so hes pretty excited...

okay lovelies, til later



Angela said...

Mike's death is not your fault!!!

Okay, I hate to speak ill of the dead, but...he was abusive and harmful, and you had every right to ask him to leave. He was obviously in pain, and there was nothing you could have done about it. It is most likely he would have most likely have killed himself whether he was with you or not. But you did not deserve to be in a living hell because of his illness. If anyone or anything killed Mike - besides his illness - it was the system, which most likely wasn't equipped to deal with his issues.

I would really love to have a chat with your in-laws about the nature of depression and suicide. They obviously do not understand a damn thing. I hate stupid people, and the fact that they are grieving too does not excuse their behavior.

Then to ignore their grandchildren for ages and then turn around and go to court...What a crock of crap! Reminds me of my brother's first wife - left her infant son when he was four months old, left my brother, disappeared and very rarely came to see my nephew for freaking years and then she takes my brother to court for custody. Let's just say the judge pretty much chewed her out and told her she had lot of nerve. The judge in this case will see through their so-called concern, too.


Lisa said...

As Angela says- Mike's death is in NO way your fault. You are strong and on top of all of that-you deserve the best.

I want to kick your in-laws in the ass right now. Im a bit protective over you haha :P

I love you and hang in there!!!

text/call me if you need me!

Anonymous said...

They sound absolutely appalling! No child should have to see anyone who trash talks their mother. I am hoping court goes well for you and your kids.

battleinmind said...

Repeating the others: It's NOT NOT NOT your fault. He made the decision. Not you. Not because of you.

I so wish I could give those inlaws a good talking to, I'm so upset with them for you. You and your children do not deserve this and I will be praying for you all on Friday and throughout the week.


ps. I just gave you an award on my blog.

firefly said...

Thinking of you!

belinda said...

you know what i think, and i've said it all before but incase you forget..
i love you
you are amazing, strong and courageous
his side of the family are sick individuals who are in a massive stage of denial