Tuesday, March 22, 2011

goes to show you

I had forgotten or didnt realize that I had been posting all the drama that had unfolded since the beginning of march...I just went to read what I had posted lately and saw that I was writing during that time, not that understandable, but still I was there...I dont remember it though, it kinda all seems like it was a dream...

Goes to show you just how fucked in the head I was...



I have done nothing but play video games with Isaiah, watch him play some imaginary game with star wars, watched Dora the explorer, and oh yeah, catch up on like a zillion blogs, I read allot, didnt comment much but read allot...

Im feeling a bit confused today, not sure why, keep thinking about his parents and court and its throwing my anxiety into a tizzy..


smoke then shower

we ALL have therapy today!!!

much love


battleinmind said...

I'm sorry you have had a really hard month, especially with his parents. I don't remember any of the time I was in the worst of my ED, it's literally all a blur. Scary stuff.
Ooh sounds like you've had a nice day with Isaiah.

Really hope your anxiety level decreases, about the court stuff and his parents.
Thank you for the lovely comment, love Ellie

Lisa said...

Hey babe, I know it's been a while. I'm sorry like battleinmind said about the hard month but you can get through this.

I KNOW You're strong. You've been through so much and you're still fighting- that shows a lot.

Love you lots. I'm here if you need anything.

Angela said...

Hopefully this will turn things around. You deserve so much, you are such a wonderful person!

Love you!!!!



firefly said...

therapy good. It's hard adjusting back. I think chilling with Isaiah is a good thing. How hard was yesterday for you? I know it was a year ago now. That couldn't have been a good day. I'm glad you are in a better place. Take care my dear? What is the court drama? His parents being stupid??? Grr they leave a bad taste in my mouth. Your mom on the other hand seems to be reliable and caring. Nobody is perfect but she seems to come through for you. Love and hugs. Did the kids have any reactions or realize the anniversary?

Zena said...

hey Sarah,
Im going to write a post on his dill hole parents, yes Alyssa was very aware it was the anniversary, it was saturday, we had a memorial service up at the hospital, I received special visiting hours and grounds privledges, I wrote something and we released a bunch of blue ballons that we wrote messages to him on, it went well, hard but well.

Love, Tara

belinda said...

i was aware and a little nervous to bring up the anniversary but it sounds like what you got to do was beautiful. i'm glad you could remember M safely.

does it feel good to have that day over? i know for me it did.


firefly said...

Thinking of you. hugs!!!!! Hope you are ok.